if humans are really related to monkeys why cant we climb from tree to tree and hang upside down?


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    I gave up the hanging upside down thing because the blood rushing to my head became somewhat disturbing. 

    I carried out a poll of 100,000 random members of the public, nationally and the consensus was in fact, 'Every Single Person gave up the act of hanging upside down from trees for exactly the same reason... No one cared for the sensation of blood rushing to their heads'.   Because of this there is no need what so ever to swing from branch to branch in order to find the perfect "Hanging upside down place".


    I think you should try it again,
    might stop you from double clicking.

    I didn't double click... It was Carl the alien wanting attention.

    Fish, slots do it :-)

    Sloths are one of the most wondrul creatures on this planet. I am a large fan.

    I ate a sloth once in Guyana, but I don't recommend them as they seem to be all skin and bones and very little meat.

    Oh, you people from Canada, far more advanced in research than us Aussies, we're still hangin in there!

    I actually have an acquaintance that believes people eat the meat of a mink. That's why she wears her mink coat.

    I have never seen sloth meat or mink meat available anywhere. I like their little wild bodies intact and living in their natural environments.

    What the heck did they serve with the sloth meat, Nom? (Only four years later)

    I was working with the charity Remote Area Medical in the village of Para Bara in the Guyanan jungle. I suppose the sloth was eaten with rice or cassava.

    People have to eat protein. ... That is the way it works.

    You can't do either? I can.


    Tree to tree?
    ed shank

    If their close. 12" maybe.

    I thought everyone could

    I think it's because we're not that advanced!


    Best Answer!


    sorry..what is FID??

    Tarzan could do all this and more.


    I wonder why he could do all that and more!
    Do you suppose he/she didn't have the hurried up lifestyle of modern times, where everything has to be done "NOW", or perhaps it is a built in survivor thing, in that: the more monkeys their are, the more we hve this strange behaviour.

    Tarzan was an archetypal feral child raised in the jungle by the Mangani, a tribe of great apes, so he was taught apish things by his adoptive parents while from his birth parents , English aristocracy, he would have inherited the sophisticated behaviour for which his ancestry is famed.

    It creeped me out that the water plants were always trying to trap him and drown him. what was that all about?

    House cats and tigers are related, which one would you have in your house? Also I haven't seen any humans with tails for hanging from trees!


    you don't work for the government, they all have tails and whats more they're all forked!

    I can do both. I'm not a kid anymore, but I an't dead either.

    Watching little boy play on the jungle jim,  you would think they had some monkey in them.   By the time they find girls they have lost their tails and desire to climb trees. 

    I'm not related to any monkey creatures just a hand full of dingbats.


    are we related???

    It was never said that we evolved from apes but that we each evolved from the same source. One went one way, the other went the other. I'm on hell of a tree climber by the way........


    you are right,we came from the same ancestrial tree, and not a direct route from monkies.
    the book to read is "The selfish Gene" by richard dawkins

    Maybe we need a tail ?

    Maybe Bigfoot could answer this better? But that's because we didn't evolve from apes.

    Why can’t whales walk if they once lived on the land?

    Whales Evolved From Tiny Deerlike Mammals, Study Says

    Whale ancestor picture




    I reckon because they have evolved, we all need to grow fins or flippers or gills.

    We might have too if fresh water becomes impossible to find.

    Freshwater, where from...?

    SILLY ! That's a whale tale!! It isn't true!

    Ed, because they devolved ;-)

    When I was a child I climbed trees quite a lot and enjoyed going to the top for the view. Folk who are unfamiliar with climbing trees are often afraid of heights and would not consider climbing a tree. Walking a slack-line cable takes a bit of practice but I’ve not seen a monkey do that. 

    We will get there.  Right now we're learning first how to scream like monkeys.


    In order to answer this I went out and tried jumping from tree to tree. I found out that I could'nt. I am now using one finger to type this answer as all my bones are broken. Ha



    I've never seen a monkey type a memo on a laptop yet. I don't think were from the same family! There are different level of intelligent, us human are at the highest in the animal kingdom, Well that is for most of us, there a few exceptional among us that haven't evolve yet, behaving like animals.


    I don't believe we came from apes either.

    I have a "Brain of a Monkey ,So I have been told !

    Some kinds of monkeys are worse than others on this skill and the human ancestors were part of this kind on the one hand. On the other hand (pun 100% incidental) humans found better use for their hands than to hang all day from trees branches...

    I think the aliens put us here. The monkeys were already living on earth. There are reports coming out now that some of Darwin's theories are wrong.

    I think it's because of the stigma attached.

    We did, when we were kids. Little kids are monkeys.  Seriously , if we evolved from apes----why are there still apes ?  And apes are herbivorous, for the most part, adn we are omnivorous.


    We evolved from aliens. What do you know about aliens?

    Home "ET.

    we morphed

    Its the only way I communicate with the people I work with, they're pretty good at it too, and all the while the boss still squats and scratches his ...a....which is all he's good at!!

    Because we are not monkeys.

    Also, I don't identify my cousin as my brother.

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