Do you work to live, or live to work? What's your reasoning behind your answer?

    Just wondering what makes us tick, I work to live.

    If you work to live, why are you killing yourself working? lol

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    Yeah...the bling, bling, bling works pretty goods too!

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    I now work because I love what I do.  This took my entire life.  I have always worked two jobs... in order to get to this point combined with a lot of jumping up and down to  state my point, "I am a creative spirit!".  This has not been an easy journey.  I am an artist.  Banks don't care for this reality nor do ex-husbands or even people who call themselves your friends and sometimes one's off spring (even though the two first ones are artists themselves)... art is tough. 

    It's all right now.


    I am an amateur artist myself and know what you mean. I really just paint because I love it. My school I hope will lead me into the job I love. Good outlook fishy.

    i know exactly precisely what you are talking about. i have experienced that too, as a little side tree artist.

    I work for the fun of it. I like a sense of accomplishment and success. My work rewards me nicely.


    That's what I did when I was independently wealthy. Early retirement was just way to boring!

    Good answer thanks rob.

    I used to be all about work, then something changed that made me start to put happiness first. I suppose that was because I had saved up a good amount of money. I definitely was extremely bored not working or keeping busy with some project.

    So to me family comes first, I won't stay out late to finish a project. Well, maybe on a rare occasion.

    both. but i try to do work that is fun to me.


    That's important, it took me a while to learn that. thanks

    I worked to live.  The need to support my family and allow my self some dignity I worked hard and retired early.  Now its all about family and enjoying life.

    It's all for the ding, ding, ding!


    Lol, maybe some bling, bling, bling, too.

    I'm about 80% retired.  But I live to work,  but not  constantly.  Its an interesting, satisfying, stimulating, creative outlet activity which is based on many years spent in a specialized construction field.   Also keeps me in contact with bright like minded individuals.  


    Cool, I just started remodeling a condo for a friend. I've never done it before, but am a perfectionist in what ever work or project I decide to do. I enjoy it and I think because the results are so rewarding. Thanks for your answer caddam. thumbs up.

    leroy go for it man!

    I worked several different types of jobs and really loved a couple of them.  Due to businesses restructuring, laying off, and outright closing the doors, I was forced to change jobs several times, along with other employees.  When I retired, I was not working at a job that I liked, so it was easy to say goodbye.  I also "planned activities" in which to become involved at retirement, on the advice of "bored retirees" who advised me to do that. After five years of retirement, I still love it and I'm quite contented.  In answer to the question.......   "I retire to play"!!!


    Thanks Ducky, good answer, thumbs up! Glad you are enjoying your retirement. Lucky Ducky...

    Yes, I also think that I am lucky! :)

    I hope I can say that soon

    Right now i laid off so i'm working on survival which is also part of living..


    Tough, maybe time to go back to school?

    I'd like too.

    I have a very diverse CV. I worked to pay the light bill. I hate work, always did. Some jobs were better than others but they all sucked. Now retired I live to do what I enjoy doing. I'm hooking up with some like minded people and getting back in the groove. A recent phenomina is emerging and an opportunity to suppliment the monthly income is also a plus. 


    Cool Ed, it surprises me how long it sometimes takes us to learn that we need to enjoy our work. I suppose the best job is one that you love, many times we go into a field because the money is good or great.

    It's very satisfying to have a job you enjoy that doesn't take up all of your time.
    ed shank

    I have made good money at jobs that I hated to get up for every morning. The price you pay to maintain a level of security.

    I work to live.


    Maybe you could become a florist? lol.

    That's an idea! It's friendlier! I'd like to see happy little flower faces all day! Smell good too.

    It's a combination. I like having to get up in the morning and be somewhere at a certain time, dressed nicely and ready to do something productive.  Helping people seems to be where my heart is, though I do enjoy working with numbers and data entry (?).....interacting with people, though, is what I truly enjoy.
    When I am without a job, it is nerve-wracking worrying about paying my bills.  I feel fairly useless and discarded, especially at my age. I feel like I am as intelligent and capable as anyone 30 years my junior.
    My parents worked for well into their 70s at the "family" business.  Neither of them knew what to do with him/her self when they retired.  My mom had an especially hard time adjusting to NOT being the bookkeeper.  Recognizing that she took her ID from her job has helped me not make the same mistake. 


    Hmm, good that you keep yourself busy. I was thinking about doing some new volunteer work too. I love to help people, that's why were here...

    This is a Great Q !!!  I was raised to believe I would grow up, get married, have kids, and work work work.  I grew up, got 2 degrees, worked worked worked, got married and got very injured at work. (not able to have human kidsand now going through a divorce.)  When I was out of work and stayed at home most of the time I was LOST.  Now, with some hope that my new docs can help me get back to work...I really want to do something that I love.  I have learned that I am not worthless, or lazy, but can do some things better than before.  I am not getting disability but no longer need all of the material stuff to feel ok.  My life probably seems 'small' to a lot of people, and did to me for a while- but I find happiness and love everyday.  I have a prayer life, some close friends, and of course my akaQA 'family'.  Not to mention talking to all of the animals!!


    I am in a similar predicament, injured on the job, haven't worked at my old job for about a year now, but have found my passion in other areas. Good to see your healthy attitude towards your circumstances. Great answer.

    I've met persons in similar delama's, doolittle. Most were working with their brains and living well. Attitude is EVERYTHING. And you're right on target about material stuff, the more people want it the worse their life can become. Anyone can have everything they want, like I have, if you don't want everything.
    Understand, you never get what your opinion says you deserve, you only get what you negoiate. There is no such thing called "fair".

    Re: Olly Murs.
    He,s a runner up in UK X Factor.
    Teenage heart throb :)

    thanks leeroy, cad, and Romos!

    I always had to work to live. My parents who lived in Germany at the time, worked, but always managed to save money. The biggest problem I found to be in the US., that you need a car to work or to shop. We did not need a car in Europe. There is public transpotation, like trains, buses and streetcars.


    Well you can't win the lotto if you don't play? lol

    Quite frankly at this point I am not sure anymore too busy working all the time.....


    It's nice to be one of the lucky one's who loves their career/job. Hi Darci hope you are doing well, even though you are tired from

    Thanks Leroy nice to know someone cares.

    I used to work to live. I had other factors that changed my heart.

    I worked to take care of my family, some times as many as four different jobs at a time, enjoyed some hated others.

    Then health problems forced me into disability and retirement, now I do what I can to keep active, mostly for myself because I can't stand long and get short of breath easy, I can work 30 min. then rest and start again, would love to do more but thank God for the strength I have.


    Wow, what a life. Sure glad you have God to full you through the tough times. I had a back injury a little over a year ago and can't sit or stand to long. That's part of the reason I can't spend much time here now. I just can't sit long enough without having horrible pain. Take care Randy & God bless you.
    Headless Man

    I know you have pain and hope you can get help, I'm luck that way I'm almost numb from diabetics and only have some nerve pain but it's under control.
    I will pray that the pain lets up, God bless you......

    Thank you Randy, I appreciate it! I have a doctor's appointment the 28th. I should hopefully get a little more relief with a good doctor as well as more people praying for me! God bless you will keep you in the prayers too.

    I work to live and I like my work and I am happy this way.


    Happiness at work is very important! When I had a job that I enjoyed, I loved heading to work every morning. When you don't like your job, it's horrible.

    Cool val, happiness in the workplace is usually rare. You're one of the lucky ones...

    I work to live also, I enjoy a lifestyle though not lavish, but one I couldn't otherwise afford, I have however been very seriously considering throwing it in, I no longer find it enjoyable or rewarding and you are correct, we are a long time dead, I think it's time to live a little


    Going to work when you hate your job, is exhausting. I think it is because of the mental stress.

    Totally, now when I drive in to the place and hear the screaming I feel like turning around and driving back home, I think over 20 years is too long in this type of job

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