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    Please be very care full, which kind friends you meet,  you sound like a child. Dont give any personal information on line. What age friends are you looking for. ?

    Welcome to Aka, there are plenty of cool people here who could use another friend as well. Hang out and join in the questions and answers and well all enjoy getting to know you.


    There are hundreds here... welcome!

    Well Deeoh, I'm sure you'll make some friends here.

    Be a friend first of all...........


    As the old expression goes,"If you want friends, you have to be a friend first."

    You can make plenty here, just stick around for a while..

    You have friends with AKAQA.

    You can find "cyberfriends" here!   In your "real" life, reach out and help someone, be thoughtful to others and you will make friends.  Just be nice and be patient.  Friendships take a long time to become real and lasting.        :)

    Define friend?  My definition of friend is not what most people are like anymore now days.

    This world can be a lonely place. How old are you Dee?

    Find a project, get involved, volunteer, you have to get active. This is the only way to meet people.

    Read a few self help books. They do help!

    Good Luck!

    Are you selling Amway?  Just kidding welcome.

    Be careful, I'm one of the shadier characters here.




    Moderator're scaring off the newbies! :)

    Welcome to akaQA, then, you can make lost of friends here.......:)

    Watch out for those religious freeks, plenty of those on here.


    im not a freek as you call it. i just Love the Lord. whats wrong with that? and its spelled freak.

    I am not saying you are a freAk , everyone is entitled to there own belief, I am new to this site but whenever I say my opinion I am shot down in flames. And ive just had 3 thumbs up, so Im not the only one that thinks so. God bless you Velma.

    There are some other kinds of freaks on here too...all kinds of freaks are everywhere in the world though, so don't be too hard on freaks of ANY kind. Just pick your favorite kind of freak on akaQA and have fun! LOL!!!!

    Not being hard Ducky, Just giving a word of warning .I wish good health and long life to all religions,and those who have no religion.
    The one thing I do believe the bible says ,we are all equal.Freak or not.

    :) (Clicked on TU then TD sorry...hope I fixed it)

    I need money too but that seems elusive too.

    Why not go out to the big bad world and join a group/club of something you enjoy doing..that way you`ll meet people who you`ve already got something in common with!!...Football..whatever...It`s horrible feeling many people do..I haven`t checked out your age but are their any nice people at work or school who you can get chatting to?..that`s a start...(Just be careful as when you feel lonely its easier to get in with the wrong sort of sometimes it feels like any friends are better than no friends)!!...but plenty of people out there in exactly the same plenty of friends to be made...and give your SELF ESTEEM a kick up the backside!!:-)..dress well,be polite.and treat other people as you`d like to be treated!!:-)

    good luck,love millie x

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