It is said that plants take oxygen and release carbon dioxide.Then,why it is said that early morning oxygen levels are high.

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    You have it backwards! Plants and trees take carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen.

    My botany is a bit rusty but as I recall, during the day while photosynthesis is the dominant process in leaves, carbon dioxide is taken up from the air and used in the process of making sugars. At night, when photosynthesis does not occur - no sunlight for energy - respiration does occur, which gives off carbon dioxide just as it does in animals. On balance, though, plants take up much more carbon dioxide in photosynthesis than they give off in respiration.


    Hail hail KOTF!

    Glory be the day when they make a car that  runs on salt water and gives off carbon dioxide until then lets enjoy nature.


    We have cars that run on hydrogen and oxygen derived by on-board equipment and producing water in the exhaust. The hydrogen and oxygen comes from water…in the process. There are several workable systems that are produced and discussed on the net. The information is found via Google (Facebook and other sources) search terms are “produce hydrogen”, “hydroxy”, "HHO production”etc.

    I'm pretty close to the Pacific ocean, I should start running a hose to my house and start selling the salt water right now, you know once the word gets out that salt water will be our energy source, they will figure out how to sell it for 15 bucks per gallon. Then they will tell us there's a shortage of salt water and drive the prices up to 20 bucks per gallon.. And of course, there will be stupid people that will believe it.

    I remember when Carbon Dioxide was a fertlizer, and that plants love it and turn it into oxygen, now today, they are trying to tell us that its a toxin and according to alGore, you need to 'buy' Carbon credits for breathing.. it's against the law to breathe.. We humans are a bad species and must be exterminated, unless of course you're rich and can afford to breath..  LOL

    A measure of water chemistry, pH does not exist in a vacuum; carbon dioxide levels, ... Photosynthesis can build O2 levels faster than the O2 is consumed, and greatly ... animals are still producing CO2 and both plants and animals use O2 at night. ... in pH from under 6 in the early morning to as high as 11 by mid- afternoon, ...

    I didn't know the answer to the question, but I've just learnt alot from these answers.


    That,s what the site is all about,the more you read and learn, the more you,re capable of answering yourself, that,s the way it works for me anyway.

    Yes Romos very true, I learn something new every day on here. Well even if it's something I should or have already learnt but forgotten, my memory gets jogged into action,good for the old brain.

    I had a 4th grade teacher who kept a lot of plants in the classroom to increase the oxygen levels, that's how I remember what plants release............

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