what do you do when your sister does something mean to you then blames it on you?

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    Don’t Fight a Losing Battle
    You know when you’re in the thick of this kind of thing it’s normal to be depressed,. this is because you’re fighting a losing battle of trying to make the manipulator change. What to do? Don’t try to make them change, work on yourself.

    Don't be a tattle tale, cause the the tale you tell could be you'r own..

    Nothing...otherwise you'll probably only get yourself into more trouble.

    Walk away ,you have to stoop to her level for vengeance and that's unsatisfying. best advice is do not make this relevant or carry it one step further ,drop it where you are and move on

    Avoid her at all cost. don't give her the satisfactory of forgetting.......................

    Blame it on the dog.

    hire a private eye to follow her around and film everything that way you are bound to catch her out


    Get a journal, write. Avoid name calling, and cussing.  Lock it up afterwards. It does help, I write a lot, always have.

    How old are you?  When questioned by your parents, remain calm. Collect your thoughts, then talk. It's harder to blame a calm person than a high strung one. No one is going to listen to a yelling match. Don't yell she is a liar. Simply say, "This is not true, I.... "and explain, calmly. It will make a world of difference.

    Good luck.

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