how do you become popular at school

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    Don't worry about being popular, just be nice to everyone and be yourself.

    Be yourself.  Don't worry about the popularity thing ,,, it is fleeting and highschool does not last that long.  Find you.  Every day.  Be yourself and you will be popular.

    Chapter 3 of Being Myself

    Learn to be popular with yourself.  Learn positive selfesteem. I know for a young person this is hard to understand.  Start with    ' don't worry, be happy'.   don't say dumb things to get noticed anddon't let someone push you into quickly saying or doing something,  hesitate & think first.

    Now, if you think your day, life, or things in your life are bad, you are RIGHT,   BUT if you think your day, life or things  in your life are GOOD YOU ARE RIGHT.   How is that possible?  Things are pretty much they way you tell yourself they are. 

     When you have a bad day remember this,  EVERY DAY  good or bad you learn something that will benefit you and make your life better.  Always!   Bad things happen? yes and there is something you will take from this event and use to better yourself and your life.  Since I have learned this,  any difficult situation or  bad day makes me curious and sometimes amused, when I think  "whats going to be the good that will come out of this".  Seek it, its always there. 

     IT HAS NEVER FAILED me that I find in a personal delema something positive and useful. 

    Your problems all have solutions.  Understand that whatever  problem you are into you will eventually solve.    Just go to work on it but don't do something illegal.  There are no instant answers or fixes.

    So  don't worry, be happy, there is no reason not to

    Treat everyone fairly and with respect. Do kind things for others, even when they are nasty to you. Also just because you think something, you don't have to state it. sometimes things are better left unsaid. Pray quietly to God each day and ask Him to give you opportunities to show love to the down-trodden students. Have good moral values and don't give yourself just to be popular. You will regret it when it's too late. God Bless you

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