the most strange music you've ever heard

    who is the artist and what's song?

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    12 Answers

    Anything by michael jackson..


    Hi daren1: I must have missed the Congrats "Q" for your 400K. FANTASTICOOL BEANS!

    Thanks Bobby

    Frank Zappa. All of his music was way out there.


    All the music I heard during my pre-meds days..........

    the song that camels sing while mating

    Amon Duul II, If you can find them somewhere try and listen.


    lol "TRY"? and listen....

    After listening to the links from danka.milic and Fish Fry, plus reading that "whatever" from valR, NOTHING I've ever heard comes close.

    As much as i love Pink Floyd, i did not like thier earlier music.



    I hated rap music at first,now it is ok.

    Rap-- But then that's not music.  As far as annoying music, I would have to say those Mexican Polkas or what ever it is when they pull up next to me and it's blaring at 2000 watts.  Rapsters do that too..  I don't know why they think they are entertaining me..

    ahh, dwam. do yall realize what yall done did hehe Yall done open up a can of sick ass and its about to eat yall quick fast, hey ive been hibernatin in the deepest darkest part of necroplis, now that im poppin its top yes im the opposite of monogomous menage ya get offered it in this box a bit cha hostile is gotta get twisted n off with this apocolypse hollarin shit im lovin it
    im a drug to this grudge an this rip my covenant ill plug a bitch Lovin this mug is what the ruggest is psycho thug with it, Fallin down like Micheal Dougalas with the ruggishness yaddadamean, they wonderin why did i bring this side of my dream the ninna is a horror machine dolla fo dolla i balla fo all a my green
    nigga my name is Anego Montoya i got a evil plan for ya and your about to get dropped this box is worse than pandora hahahaha, they're all gonna laugh at you cuz i had to do what i had to do when tappin you like shaba do beatin em up and shootin em up then stab a few sad ya knew that your hands are cool and they ass are through im killen em and throwin em back at you


    this is some sick stuff. hence the td

    who on earth wrote this crap?

    What the f..............????

    This is not my creation thus not my spelling. I just copied/pasted what I found on internet to satisfy the questioneer curiosity. I do not listen to this kind of crap.

    Anego Montoya is a character in The Princess Bride... weird.

    Must be Arab music, I've heard quite a few different varieties of music in my time. Asian music is very calming, but different. But I think it's the language and culture that makes it strange to me. Maybe they think the music from our country is strange?


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