Have you ever bought flowers for yourself?

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    Get this one! 

    I was on a date with a friend of a friend and he bought flowers while we were in a market ... not for me but for himself!


    Thanks... I am so happy to share that odd experience.

    When desert was finished, he said, "So we aren't going to have s#x are we?"  I said, "No"... he stood up and said, "OK, Date's Over!"

    This is a true story.

    My husband buys me flowers.  He is a keeper.

    Slightly off topic. In Germany the flowers sold outside filling stations are known as ' Drackenfetter ' or dragonfodder as they are used in an attempt to placate wife / girlfriend / mistress to whom some error has been committed.


    i like that concept

    Flowers never. The only thing I buy for myself is beer. All else is taken care of by the woman I share a house with.

    I do, if I have none in the garden, I love daffodils they are a "happy" color and make me feel good so if I see some when I'm shopping I always grab a bunch

    I thought that I was showing off one time back when I used to sit at a certain bar.

    I ate a rose from off of it's stem, I don't remember where I got it from or who I bought it for !

    Needless to say, they were all impressed.



    Now, you have crossed the hilarious line. Totally impressed myself.
    Although, this might not be a compliment as I am a fan of Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Salvidor Dali, Jack Kerouac, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Tim Burton, Nine Inch Nails, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Ayn Rand.... just to name a few.

    What's this?...
    "They don't scurry when something bigger comes their way, don't pack themselves together and run as one, don't sh*t where their not supposed to, don't take what's not theirs, they don't compare.":)

    Le' Fig is the winner!

    Now that's objectivism, Le'Feezh.(I had to look up Ayn Rand).
    Although the axiom that I am forced to accept is; The real winner is in fact,
    (drum roll please!)
    "Poissons Glorieuse"!


    I have. Only in the winter. In spring and summer I have flowers ib the garden .

    No,but many years ago, someone (female) bought ME flowers (roses). It made me extremely uncomfortable.


    why, I think that's a lovely gesture, unless you felt a little awkward around her too

    It breaks my heart and my pocket when I buy flowers. They are a beautiful gift from mother nature and we cut them down when they are in their prime. Just what kind of people are we? Its sad. 



    west-bus you and my hubby and my self feel the same way never buy them! let them be in your garden and enjoy x

    mel, I am lucky. My wife feels the same, thanks.

    west-bus you two are soul mates xx

    I am trying to think of the title of the Stphen King book where the guy can see auras. Anyway he see's the auras of cut flowers and decides never to buy flowers again. That and the aura of a really sick guy r the only memories I have from that book-LOL. I read it years ago.

    yes to decorate the kitchen.

    No, I usually pick wild flowers.

    many times


    Yes. When my husband forgets and I want to make him feel guilty.haha

    If I see a pretty bouquet I will buy it. It just brightens the house in the winter! In the summer flowers are every where outdoors! This fall I brought my geraniums in the house. Although they are not as green leaved and bushy as in summer outside, they have been blooming since October! This is 3rd year in a row  I have done this!

    Nope, can't say that I have.  The six-packs for my flower beds don't count, right?

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