Do you like to read celebrity gossip newspapers, like Enquirer, Globe, Sun, Examiner etc.?

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    I only read the headlines as I am scanning while waiting in the grocery line... this is a rare occurence as I shop locally at farmer's markets. 

    Three or four times a year and Darn It!  Demi is far too skinny!  Angelina needs to eat!  Who is wearing that bikini? ... I just can't take it... Far too stressful....... weep.  Is Jenn really pregnant with test tube alien twins?  It is all too much.

    Same as fish the cover page while waiting in the grocery store line-up.  I feel sorry for those celebrities being dogged by photographers all the time and then lied about daily.   :(

    my husband loves that kinda stuff.

    No never unless I am in a waiting room or shopping waiting to check out!


    Mel,Esp. standing in line at the grocery store.

    fjoel oh yes xxx

    Majority rules here just like everyone else only when i'm waiting in the checkout line i'll scan the headlines.

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