Is Simon Cowell producer of X-Factor & American Idol a handsome man as far as you can see?

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    I  dont think he is handsome. Maybe a good business man.

    Tabs you are on a roll.

    Big fat NO to this one... his energy bothers me and he is so not cute.


    Thanks Fish I can see that too! That 'fat NO' has some punch. Are we having fun yet!

    Your questions are fun Tabbie :)

    I belive he is! very wealthy man! they did a life story on him it was very interesting and i like him he is a patron on alot of animal shellters

    Don't know if I would call him handsome,he certainly would, but he does alot for charities, and he helps alot of ordinary people with talent make something of themselves. I think he knows what he's talking about. He is also very wealthy.

    I think as far as he is concerned he's gods gift to woman...

    Cowell has been involved in charity work for many years.[43] He supports children from The Association Of Children's Hospices and invites them backstage to the screenings of The X Factor.[44] When he can, he stops by some of the hospices to visit the children.[44] He also supports animal rights and has appeared in a video for PETA in which he reminds drivers of the cruelty to animals that can occur when their pets are locked in cars in the summer.[45][46] In view of his charitable works, particularly the production of the charity single Everybody Hurts in aid of victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, as well as his services to the music industry, there was considerable media speculation as to whether Cowell would receive a knighthood in the Queen's 2010 Birthday Honours, a proposal allegedly put forward by former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.[47] Cowell stated that he believed his chances of receiving the honour were "zero" following what he described as being a "royal row";[48] ultimately Cowell did not receive an honour in the list.""


    melandrupert thank you so much! did not know all that about Simon, that he's such a humanitarian. I do know the ladies like him and want to marry him, but he's a wiggily fish to catch.

    tabber thats why I like him for his humanities yes you are right he is a hard one to catch! xxxx

    I belive he is! very wealthy man! they did a life story on him it was very interesting and i like him he is a patron on alot of animal shellters

    Absolutely. If I was a female, I'd send HIM flowers.


    digger i love a man that can see the beauty in another man.

    His looks make him handsome and he just aint afraid to express them and I admire that about him

    Are you talking about HIM or me? ;-)

    I think he is handsome.


    plus he's got twinkily eyes on his show the x-factor when he likes somebody's talent.

    Yes, indeed.  I'd like to get to know him more. Not.

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