For cat lovers, does anyone have a problum with their cat at night, when the person starts to use their computer ? I do, one looks to be fed, or wants to go out, the other cat, jumps up on my desk or the key board, looking for attention, rubbing my face with her head. Maybe Im in Q&A to much, lol ?

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    Don,t have any mice darlin,just FLEAS!
    Keep the cling film on, it does help.
    And try to stop smokin.I can,t, so I,m not preachin.

    ROMOS, no fleas here, got flea collars. Hope you had lovely St. Valentines Day.

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    Pay your cats more attention than you do us DB, they deserve it, (so do we of course) but they,re family(so are we of course) Am I making myself clear? "thought not" anyway , keep them off the keyboard, hairs can slow down typing, do you need to hire some FLEAS by the way? Just thought I,d ask.



    Thought you was actualy giving a straight answer then ROMOS KOTF i would have been SO dissapointed

    Hi ROMOS, send me some mice, ease my headace for Some times I smoke, opppps, when using computer,to keep ash from falling on key board, i have covered it with cling film, and tape it under neath. its good.

    My cat helps me type or cries at my feet all the while.......

    I am owned by a studio cat who speaks and loves no one but me.  She is very demanding.  She is the Queen of the Universe. 

    I think its all about attention .Our cat  walkes across the keyboard sometimes to get attention. 

    Perhaps they trying to tell you they know better answers (only joking) Dollybird

    My wife acts just like your cats. :o)


    Isn,t that bad for the keyboard?

    I can't say anything, my kitties cry a warning for a few hours. Then they get nasty! They attack my feet, biting and clawing. They will have their way, the little devils.



    I need you know anything about gravity ?

    Check out Dacia's question:

    If the world stopped turning would we all float off into space ?

    Curiosity killed the cat.. but in your case i would say not.


    Dollybird something like this Haaa no really my cats love the laptop a I think its warm and second you next to them My Rupert when he was a live slept on the laptop everyday and we had to replace the keyboard often he soon relized that he could pick the leaters with his claws and ping them across the floor! just give the cat a bit more attention x


    I give them attention during the day, well, when they not sleeping. One has learned, that it is warmer under quilt than on top of it. lol

    melandrupert, I was off line for while, I have often thought Harvey,and lost tract, of his progress, well I do hope he made it.

    Dollybird harvey is doing fine always hungry now we think he got a little trumatized while he was ill all he does now is he wants t eat he is on a diet but try telling him that! lol XXX

    ""Boo shares one side of my lap the laptop gets the other.


    I used to have cat looked like Boo, but sadly no more. I really hope he Felix, is in cat heaven.

    My female cat is sitting on my lap right now while I try to type, She always knows when I'm on he computer, along she comes meows and jumps up, I just put a cushion on my lap and she will sit here for hours if I stay here.


    My legs go under desk, so no space for the cat. Some times a second chair beside me, with pillow on it, works.

    I was on here yesterday and my boy cat was sitting on the unit behind me, he kept on nudging me as I learned forward to pick something up he sliped onto the seat of my chair without me knowing and I sat on him, needless to say paws and claws everywhere, and he would'nt speak to me for at least a half hour, well until food time anyway.


    He SPEAKS???

    sunnyB, cats can be smart, One of my cats sat on my computer chair,in front of computer, as it is on wheels, I was able to pull back chair with her in it. Got another chair, put it ready, for when I wanted to use computer, went to make a drink, when I came back, Woolie (cat)had perched herself on second chair, in front of computer, looking at screen, In end I gave up and went to bed. Did not have heart to move her.

    Dollybird, yes they always have to get the best seat,

    Hi Romos, of cause cats speak, you just have to learn their language.

    sounds like kitty wants your attention. My one dog barks when he hears me on the telephone.


    Animals, can act like children some times.

    I believe you.

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