There is an old saying," Red touch yellow, kills a fellow. Red touch black, venom they lack."

    It's a rhyme to help you ID what, and what kind?

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    (venomous) Eastern Coral Snake and  Florida Scarlet snake (non venomous)




    Wickedly clever Colleen!
    Love the pics!

    From Texas where there are many snakes with venom the saying goes :Red and black friend of Jack ,Red and yellow harm a fellow . I just steer clear of all of them ,we are not going to be friends me and snakes .            Bill


    I agree with you wholeheartedly! That's one of the things I like about Maine...there are no naturally found venomous snakes here.

    I knew there were more rhymes, thanks for adding it! I'm not friendly with snakes either. Not since my son's snake struck and took a mouse out of my hand. Someone was holding him at the time. The snake was given away soon after. I'll leave wildlife where I find it, in the wild!

    Maine has no venomous snakes. I didn't know that, TY! We have most,if not all. We have deaths every year from rattle snakes. When I visited my uncle on the farm, he'd have us catch king snakes, they will kill and eat rattle snakes, any snake really, and mice. We'd put them under the buildings and in the barns. They are very docile, and gentle snakes. They do eat their own kind, so you'd never give them a cage mate.They live 15-20 years, and grow up to 7 ft.

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