Another 404 page . Why bother what a waste of time ? I could and should be making money ,not spending time at the key board dealing with this .Getting on my nerves ,nuff said now I go back to wo


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    You said you were done there. I saw your answer to me so your time was not wasted. I was going to remove the question anyway so Helen could not bring it back up under another name. She's since created another account. 3 accounts because she's a kid playing games here. I had told her she could get all her karma back if she agreed to stop misusing the TD button. She chose not to agree. 


    A solution was given and she declined . Now its a matter of a child being clever and in need of a spanking. I hate wasting time ,I have 8 bags on the bench now 80.00 each . One must be ready to deliver on Monday . The rest later in the week along with a bunch of new stuff that must be test marketed. Then there are 5 new patterns that need to be glued to hard board and a
    proto type made to work out the kinks in assembly. Its 3:29 in the afternoon and Ill be lucky to be done at midnight . Not a single mistake is allowed my customers expect only the best . Bill

    @ bluesman. If you're that busy with work, why in the heck are you wasting time on this or any other site...and bitching about it.
    Sign off and get back to work !

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