What do think of all the changes Goggle is planning and the invasion of privacy its going to cause? Are you going to go along with it ?Will you be dumping Goggle for other options ? I was just getting okay with my computer and now they plan on turning all on its head . I am angry about this change garbage beyond words !

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    I guess i missed something i use google quite often  and was not aware of what changes their making..


    Don't know where you are ,and maybe that's why you aren't getting the notices . March 1st they change their privacy policy and you are going to have to lay your life bare to use Goggle . They intend to connect all the dots on 800 million people . They will be installing monitoring cookies on your computer . Any freedom there was on the net will be gone in regards to Goggle . If you down load something they call protected you get the boot and they call the cops for copy right garbage . Very bad news for all at least in the USA . Bill

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