Do you ever just feel blaaaaa?

    Not good not bad just blaaaaaa.........

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    More like "BLEKK" in the mornings.Blaaa sets in later at night watching TV.

    Headless Man

    I'm not sure the

    Blekk is where's my bloody coffee?.Blaaaa is bored shitless.

    All of the time, thank God for akaqa and good books and beer..............


    Thats a big YAAaaaa to the BLAAaaa.. yes on occasion.

    When it rains.


    I love rain, coming from a rural background rain was always welcome. Floods not quite as much.
    "I love to lie in bed at night,
    And hear the sweeping rain
    Go pitter patter on the roof and knock against the pane.
    It throats and gurgels down the spout,
    And rushes through the leaves.
    And makes the curly creeper droop,
    That hangs about the eaves."

    I find that when I feel this way it helps to do something constructive, but about half way through I get that way again.


    Headless Man

    No sometimes it takes weeks/months to do my job but when about half done I guess I loose the excitement?

    Not very often and if I do, it usually doesn't last that long.

    Nope, I bounce out of bed in the morning. I'm too cheeky to be blek or blaaaa.

    Headlessman, you are what we call here, a middle of road man lol.

    Used to.   Got moving physically, got together with old souls at Mickey "D" and 2 other restaurants in the mornings, got some creative activities.  Cooking is one of them,  gardening  vegies and flowers in season, help neighbors without natural talent redo their home interior, walk the neighborhood with a warm smile and a friendly hello.       Bottom line,  gotta have something to DO and having something to look forward to that you want to get out of bed and do is important.

    Blaaaaa is a crappy way to Exist !

    Headless Man

    Good for you, I do some of that, will do more if my legs don't let me down.

    more like tired.

    Yes..most of the time!!:-z LOL!!....I go for a run or punish myself at the kind of stops that feeling!!:-))

    Headless Man

    I remember when I could

    Not often and usually only from a lack of sleep.  I try not to dwell on things that would bring my spirits down and I almost always have my day planned, the night before.....something to look forward to as soon as I wake up!  As Ben always says.....Yippy!

    Headless Man

    Not always easy to get up:

    Up in the morning
    try to stand
    Feet are in pain
    give me a hand

    Now I bow my head
    and thank GOD
    for the feet I have
    and the strength to trod

    WE all get old
    and pain is not odd
    but as long as I live
    I'll stand for GOD.

    Every time I have a pain
    I stop and pray
    Lord give me the strength
    for another day

    Because those that are lost
    still need my prayer
    for all my family
    and those that are not heirs

    by Headless Man

    I cannot imagine your situation and not being able, as I am, to do whatever you feel like doing. I have been around very ill people and they have spoken of the difficulty in trying to stay positive. I am very thankful for my very few minor aches and pains.

    Many a Daymyou the think whats it all about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    blah,blah, blaaaaaaah....

    Lately it been blaaaa everyday for me, since my retirement I've try to keep busy but my arthritis pain does not allow me to take on any renovation which I use to do for keeping occupy.

    Headless Man

    Understand completely.....

    More like BAM!!!!!

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