when bill collectors harasses you with threats

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    They can...some are not threats- if you owe money on a car and haven't paid the bills for it they can take it from you legally.  Although it takes a few months of not paying some companies can get permission to garnish your wages (take your monthly amt out before you get any money- or take an installment out of what you owe).  If you are in the US you can call the company and ask them how they can help you.  Or there are free credit services (try consumer credit counsel) who can talk to the company/ies for you to get lower monthly bills...sometimes they can get a portion of what you owe removed.  Either way, and if you do nothing, your credit rating may drop (ccc-see above tries to avoid this for you if possible).  It has been rough here and companies (for the most part) are willing to work with you.

    I believe they can't call before 9 am or after 9 pm. They cannot be ugly or rude.  They can make threats if they are able to carry them out............

    They do act on thier threats, a sheriff can come to your house and sieze property to the value of what you owe, it then goes to auction, this is how they claim money owed.See if you can start paying off your debt, before it comes to your possesions being took from under you.

    And they cannot call for someone else, you can tell them they are no longer allowed to call your number if this happens.............

    There are firms like "My" who can help you sort out your finances.They will contact the people you owe & make a deal that is acceptable to both of you & then you will have to stick to it.Good Luck.

    Unplug phone?

    If you paid your bills, you wouldn't need to worry and suffer. It's your fault. If you don't like it move somewhere else, do a moonlight flit.

    get phone with caller id.

    Not much you can do about it. 

    You can level with them letting them know why you  are behind, and if they keep on calling it isn't going  to change anything.   They work on the squeeky wheel theory,  they  squeek until you grease them or they park it.

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