I forgot my allmyapps password and can't reset it.

    I tried to login with my facebook account but couldn't do it

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    Perhaps the password is on your computer . Go to edit select preferences  click on security find passwords and look for the allmy apps  and click show passwords . then close every thing and hopefully you will have success. Wht ever system you use find yor way to preferences and this should work . Bill .


    can't find edit select preferences

    Just went and tried this question in goggle www.allmyapps password reset  there was a good how to do this on the page that came up .  Dont look complicated ,if you still need help write again .  Bill

    left upper corner of my screen is File ,Edit <View < History < Bookmarks <Tools <Help. Yours may be on the bottom .Just click on Edit  when it drops down last choice is    Preferences  click on that  Screen opens up and there are more choices at the top of that screen  choose security and click on it . Now all directions are the same as before .  If you need more help call me 505 -804 -9321 thats USA  see if I can talk you through it .    Bill

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