what makes someone to hate another one

    how can i get my soul mate

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    No idea what causes hate, I have never in almost 80 years hated anyone.

    (Just an aside dear reader you have not forgotten I turn 80 on the 29th 20 more sleeps)

    I have had as mush shit poured on me as anybody but I was damed if I was going to give anyone the satifaction of knowing it affected me.

    " Nice shit got any more"

     I have disliked the odd person from time to time, some quite intensly, but hate has no place in my world.


    Dont really know ,but hate happens in a instant and lasts forever ! I think before looking for a so called soul mate we should try really liking ourselves first. There is no magic here ,I think this is a utopian illusion that we use to make ourselves feel better . Nothing wrong with wanting to be liked . I am okay with me . Just spend some time working on you ,and learn to enjoy all the facets of you . See what comes of that .                      Bill

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