How good are you at keeping a secret? Be honest.

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    Very....If someone asks me to keep it to myself, I will.  A person told me something very confidential, 30 years ago, and I still have never told a soul, though, in a round-about-way, I have been asked questions by those who "still wonder".  (Looking back,  the incident was not serious and means "nothing" today, but I still will never tell unless she says it's okay to do so.)


    Go on Ducky just tell me, i can keep a secret

    Great character...


    @lewboy...then you'll tell 2 people, and they'll tell 2 people, and they'll tell 2 people.....

    I absolutely don’t tell secrets UNLESS someone is being hurt in some way and I know it’s true. I would tell the right “authorities"


    Good answer Its mee.

    Not good at all now please tell us what your hiding..


    I would never repeat something that someone told me not to tell.

    I am respectful of someone's request to keep something secret. If it was about something  that I felt I would have difficulty doing so...I would tell the person, "I don't want to know anything about it!"

    Depends on the secret... If it a simple like a gift or party... I am terrible. If it is life changing, I am a steel trap. 


    My birthday in two weeks.
    Are we having a party?

    YES at Disney World in Florida.. I hope you can make it.... YOU ARE PAYING!

    ROMOS is paying??!! I'm on my way! :)

    That i would like to see, a Scot parting with his


    It depends upon who told me the secret. If I don't like the person then it's open slather.


    I can't imagine that I would tell a secret to someone, knowing that they don't like me?! Seems to me that I would be begging for my secret to be spread all over the place.

    Yes I can and in fact am at this very time.

    Depends on the subject matter. If it was business related, my lips are sealed. If it was a nude ass crawling out of Susan's (neighbor) bedroom window at 2:00 AM, that would be a tough one to keep to myself.


    Would you take pictures too? LOL!!!!!!!!!!
    ed shank

    Already got'em, wanna see?

    I am like Ann.  If somebody tells me not to repeat it I won't.  If somebody tells me something that sounds dangerous.  I will not repeat it and tell them to stop talking.  One time a guy came to my office in San Francisco and was telling me how the government was after me.  I told him to tell me no more.  But I love telling people what gift I got them for Christmas.  Most in my family don't like to know.  Some do and I love telling it.  I will tell a secret to my better half, depending what it is.  But if the time is right and its the right person I might tell a secret if I think it helps some situation in some way.

    It depends on the secret. ...........


    Congratulations once more to a great contributor and real workhorse. Well done!!

    Not telling it's a

    Just like confessing to a Catholic priest. It's in the vault !

    Why?? What have you got to tell us? C'mon,we won't tell a soul.


    There is no such thing as a secret that you share.Once you have shared it with anyone it's no longer a secret.There are personal things in everybody's lives.Some we like to share perhaps with one person exclusively.Other things it's better to shut up & take it to the grave with you.

    They say "Your secrets make you sick" sometimes other people's can too.  I would say I am a steel trap with serious things but I need to be told not to tell specific people or to keep it to myself.  I have stopped people when I believe they are going to tell me of a crime they committed.

    I don`t think i`m real good at keeing secrets.

    I'm good at keeping secrets, I'll keep any secret anyone says, but if they tell me they're doing  something dangerous, and tell me not to tell anyone, I'll tell somebody, like the police. Or sometimes when I have a secret and I say to my other friends, "I have a secret, but I'm not going to tell you," they probably will persuade me to tell the secret.


    Why would you invite your friends to coax you into telling? That is just "pretending" that you can keep a secret! You want to blame your friends for YOUR indiscretions! Not nice.

    Like everyone mentioned, it depends on the situation. If someone is in harms way sometimes it's best to let the proper person know.

    When it comes to friends and family I am still storing away quite a few secrets in the vault.

    I'll never tell it will go to the grave with me.

    I'm a steel trap...but the hinges are getting rusty with age so if someone starts talking and it sounds serious I ask them to please stop.

    sssshhhhhhhhhh.........i'll never tell.......I sware

    I'll never, never tell! (Old Yeller)

    I keep secrets. It's not my business to tell them.

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