Homework questions.

    This is not a question or a complaint,merely an observation.What an advantage it must be to have a computer & the world wide web to assist in homework. I wonder how we all got by before the was a computer in every household.(Well almost).I seem to remember something about books.

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    Teachers promote using the internet. I don't think they meant for their students to hit akaQA for all their answers however. 


    That's what I'm getting at.They are not really learning by looking for their answers here.

    No, they're not but we do have some members who tutor rather than just give the answer...and then there are those who just give the answer.

    When I was in school there was a hot line to call for help. I used it often!

    Notice we don't get the door to door salesmen knocking on our doors anymore, trying to sell us encyclopedias ?


    They are a thing of the past aren't they.

    I still have mine, dated back to the 70's, can't seem to part with them.

    ....and my mom still gets the book of the year to add to the encyclopedias she and Dad bought for us back in the early 1960s.

     I love having the world at my fingertips. How I made it through college is a wonder!


    Daisy as a matter of interest what did you qualify for at college and are you employed in that area.
    Just curious to see how many studied Medicine for instance and actualy work in a related field.

    I have two BS in Medical, nursing and research. I have worked both fields and teach at a Community College part time.
    I no longer work in a lab,it's a lonely job. I worked with reagents that were radioactive, it was very dangerous. I enjoy nursing and worked in most fields. I enjoy teaching more.

    I was a straight "A" student (threat of death), how much more I'm learning now through akaqa, this is fun....

    It was tedious and cumbersome to pour through book after book after magazine, looking for information that was different from what I'd just located. Hours in the library, copying quotes, making notes.   
    This is just too easy, and, without akaQA, I wouldn't have bothered to learn how to search for info. I'm learning something new every day, thanks to the people who don't or won't look for information themselves.  

    I was a proud C student.


    C was good for me too. I hated school ;)

    I still like to resort to books for information. It's just what seems to be the most comfortable, although using a computer opens up so much more in its instant access to so many subjects.

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