What's the longest you've gone without sleep?

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    Have you EVER been 35 metres from an exploding exocet missile????

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    11 days, after my ship was hit by a missile during the Falkland Conflict. Will that do?


    wow! i thought 24 hours was long! how did you do it? i would of dropped dead.

    Took me 9 days to clean my underwear,scrape scrape scrape, then there was nowhere to dry them.

    wow!that's incredible, what made you sleepless for 264hours(11days)

    WOW... That certainly beats my record of twenty minutes,,

    Romos,thats amazing. I would have died from exhaustion.

    11 days is child's play. Try a month :)


    20 minutes.....truth is while snowplowing for the com. of mass. they kept us out for 41/2 days with nothing but a 20 minute cat nap every 4 hours..


    Gittin old huh???

    You're here too much for having only 20 minutes awake.

    Maybe Eight hours Celebrating "NEW YEAR"

    One month almost to the day. Years ago I had a bad case of insomnia. I would get 15 second cat nap and feel like I had slept 8 hours. I tell you that was the most boring month in my life. There's only so many infomercials one can stand and reading got tiring too. Luckily I had a friend who worked nights so I was able to have someone to talk to through the long nights. 

    One of my very first jobs. I was 22.  I got hired to type a 46 page newspaper.  I thought I was in training, but the regular typesetter got mad at the boss and quit all of a sudden.  Papers have to hit the street the day they promise advertisers.  So I had to typeset this paper in one day.  I worked about 24 hours straight to finish typesetting.  From 10:00 am to about 10:00 a.m. the next day.  Everybody left and I was the only one in the building with a couch up against the door.  It took me 3 days at home to recover.

    3 days but I won't talk about way back "when"..........

    three days is the most but when i held down three jobs a day it was more like 4 days wouldnt want to do that again

    What day is it now?

    42 hours

    4 days without even a cat nap,but I'm with "jhharlan",I won't talk about way back "when"...



    Probably right around 24 hours, with nothing to keep me awake except all the excitement of whatever the heck it was. 


    Bob that's great that you love the excitement of life so much.

    No way can I compete with ROMOS, but I do know how he felt.

    People seem to think service personell don`t get frightened and they are correct.

    We get petrified and , in Romos` case "shit scared"

    Training is what brings you through.

    Good on you ROMOS KOTF (King Of The Flush)


    Flush flush flush f*****g flush!!! Lost 22 mates that day....BIG LOSS!..R.

    Never really get over it but thankfully the British standard of training helps you get on with it.
    The Australian Army was very British orientated as regards training when I was there.

    48 hours  at a music festival in the sixties, i think i was frighten i would miss something or some one.

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