goodbye, friends, my internet is being disconnected today,its been great fun,cant afford it anymore, sadly, wonderer.

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    We'll miss you. Come back when you can afford it .

    Only just seen this today and so glad you have not gone - I would have missed you so much. Here in UK we have some companies that do free broadband. Just so glad you are here again.

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    Shame to see you go Wonderer, all the best to you.""

    Oh how sad for you wonderer and for us!!  I've been in that situation in the past, where I've had to cut everything down to the bare bones and it is not fun!  Hopefully, things will improve soon but in the meantime, remember us and come back as soon as you can.  Good Luck!  :(

    wonderer: What a bad situation. This won’t be forever ... I believe things will improve and you will be back here and all the other places you go. 

    This is what I think. This is what I hope.  (((wonderer)))

    @wonderer, I've been there, believe me and it is such a shame and a stress. You'll be back, try "People PC", they are very inexpensive if you can get them where you are. I'll miss you until you get back.......

    It has been wonderful "knowing" you through your questions and answers, wonderer; you've always been straightforward and added insight and intelligence, along with a  spark of clever wit that kept things lively.

    I hope you will be back soon.  Your placed in my heart is reserved just for you.  
    In friendship, Bob/PKB 



    that kitten is ssoooo cute :-)

    mycatsmom it is sooooooooooooo cute just love it! xxx

    Sorry to see you go mate, been where you are before, priorities have to come first, hope your situation improves, and you know you,ll be welcomed back, GOOD LUCK!....R

     am soooooo sorry for this to happen to you there is not a lot one can say when this happens I do wish you all the luck in the world and maybe you will come back we will all miss you xxxx

    Hi wonderer, thats really bad news and like itsmee I do hope and believe you will be back with us where you belong. See you soon.


    you will be back someday,ill be waiting for you,along with your many other friends,

    Gee, this is too bad. You're a good member here. I'm sorry we have to lose you because of the price of internet. I hope things get better in your world to where you can afford the internet again. We'd love to have you back! Til then, take good care of yourself!

    My heart goes out to you Wonderer , blessings to you as you go about your journey in life...Daren

    That is bad news for you and us. I hope things improve for you shortly or  maybe ever now then you could use free service like at libraries and community centers just to check in here. We will miss you , try to stay in touch occasionally if you can.

    SO sad to see a fellow member leave .Hope things Improve in your Money problems Priorities come first. Wish you all the best and things get "Better.

    Sorry to hear this. Hopefully, you will be back someday soon. It's been good knowing you, your insight into many things has been much appreciated.

    That really stinks, we will definitely miss you!!! Maybe you can use a neighbors computer or go to the library? Hope to see you back here real soon, please check in time to time...

    Miss ya Good Luck.

    Sorry to hear you have to leave. .  I hope things will change for the better and will be able to come back again.  Best of luck. We will miss you!

    wonder back please...

    Internet should be free to access for everyone. It's an injustice and a proof politicians are treating people unequally. Most countries use taxes to build the infrastructure for Internet but then still charge people who contributed to it. There are however people who gladly share part of their broadband capacity by letting people connect free of charge to their wireless network. See e g these links and or search for free wifi on Google.

    wonderer that's ok, we all have to let things go sometimes.  continue to enjoy yourself and take good care!

    Sorry to see you go, good luck and come back soon.

    Maybe you could leave your email with colleen, just to keep in touch. This way she might give all of us updates on how you are doing? If that's o.k. with her?


    He's losing his internet. No e-mail ;) I have his phone number. I can call and check up on him on occasion.

    Duh, I must have been really tired to overlook that one, thanks Colleen. You're the best!

    As already said things have to be prioritised and along with many others here I wish you safe journey as you travel along lifes` road.

    Many of us know what it is like to have to make sacrifices but it is these times that test your true worth.

    Wonderer,I'm sorry to hear that,I may be right there with you soon,even tho I'm working again now I was out of work for a year and a half and I don't think I'll ever catch up so I may have to let mine go as well,it's ruff out well and we all hope to hear from you soon,good luck...Rick   P.S. The IRS is going to bury me because I did'nt have any taxes taken out of my unemployment checks so now I'm in big trouble,I know I messed up but I barely got by without the taxes being taken out,I hope I can get on a payment plan because if they try to take it out of my work checks,I know I'll lose this job...


    Try not to worry ahead of time day at a time.

    come back to visit...try your local library!!!!

    Wonderer,I'm sorry to hear that,I may be right there with you soon,even tho I'm working again now I was out of work for a year and a half and I don't think I'll ever catch up so I may have to let mine go as well,it's ruff out well and we all hope to hear from you soon,good luck...Rick


    Hey wait a minute !!!!!!!! What about free wifi its every where !!!!!!!  Dont go try harder !!!!!

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