Do you find it nearly impossible to answer some of the questions posted ?

    When i look at the unanswered questions , i can predict they will probably stay that way. Colleen has to put out a great deal of effort to do some of these. I just look at them and dont even want to bother trying. The distance between point a to b is one of those wasted  spaces on the board.

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    Pssst, it's a help site. People need help with directions. Did you know that some of the people who complain about the questions do not know how to Google search themselves? So people who do not know how to use their search engines come here. They should not be faulted when we have actual members who do not know how to search the internet for answers. We are also a world wide forum so expect to see unintelligible questions when the person asking is struggling to put their question in English. Then there are the Americans who care not for an education which is apparent in their inability to construct a proper sentence or spell even the simplest word but I hear it from many here, spelling doesn't matter! So I leave them to do the deciphering :)
    Headless Man

    Why couldn't a flag of your home country be put by your name so we could understand stupid from someone who is trying to do their best?

    I've asked the adim for that and got back, "good idea!" we'll send it off to the developers.

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    "The distance between point a to b is one of those wasted spaces on the board."  

    Everything can be considered wasted space on this forum when one has the internet at hand. Not everyone knows how to use their search engines. This is precisely why help sites like akaQA exist. If everyone knew how to search for answers, there would be no reason for akaQA.  

    Yes of course it's impossible to answer some of them (Most of them in my case) because they are covered by an area of expertise unfamiliar to most of us.Questions about computer setups,facebook accounts,twitter & all of that are way out of my league so it's better to leave them alone.


    THANK YOU, Tommyh

    im with you on that one!

    I actually know little about computers and how to fix them. I just toss the question into my search engine and get the answer that way. Takes all of 15-30 seconds to find and post the answer.

    Colleen - you surprise me by what you say you seem so brilliant with computers - giving so much advice. Me I know nothing!!! about computers.

    Well I'm not computer stupid by any means but the real techy stuff can be found on the internet.

    Yes.  That's why there are 150 of us active ones instead of just 5 answering these questions.  I must admit I go for the entertaining ones first.

    I agree Zorro, distances don't mean much to me as I generally don't even live in that country, others I see have so many answers I often don't worry, and maths is definitely not my forte


    Gee for all the distance ones I answer, I must confuse you as to where I actually live ;)

    Some of the questions I can't even think of a smart aleck answer to, I leave them alone. Colleen once told me "Google is your friend" so I've gotten braver and somewhat lazy............

    I ask questions on akaQA because I know and trust the people who will respond.

    They are not related to me so my questions won’t cause a family crisis.

    The respondents are not exactly “friends” A friend would be able to give you only one type of answer. When I ask a question, I like to have a “panel of experts”  That’s what I get here.  That’s what everybody gets here.

    I thought that was why akaQA existed.


    It's one of the reasons.

    Your own wee head?
    I,m falling in love!
    You must have some Scottish blood ma darlin.

    There are so many questions I'm not knowledgeable enough to answer, because they call for facts I don't have. Sometimes I'll go find the information, and have learned how to search better.   Some questions I'm not interested in answering, so I don't even go to those categories, but lately, I've been going out of my comfort zone. It's going to be interesting and educational.
    I like the questions that are open-ended, calling for opinions, or asking for advice.  I'll readily admit mine isn't the best, but I appreciate akaQA because I CAN express an opinion. Being able to help someone is another BIG plus (and I hope sometimes I do).
    Those time and distance questions, "where's the tobacco shop" kinds of questions are definitely "out of place" with what the general populace of akaQA look for, that's for sure. Many people enjoy answering questions that are about their own likes and dislikes. Those are fun.


    could`nt agree more,questions like "whats your your best cookie?" come on bob!

    Awesome comment Bowlesy!!!! LOL.

    Most of the question are unintelligible and almost impossible to answer. Even some of the maths questions are the same.


    Well, harumph, I could answer the math questions. Of course I could! I just want folks to use their own wee head.


    I like to write answers that are the best I can. There are many questions that don’t interest me so I don’t bother with them.  Human relations and philosophy has been my most dominate interest. It seems to make everything else seem shallow and mundane in my mind. There is nothing more important to me than friends…like you.  

    Sometimes complicated answers have me stopping for a moment to formulate a logical sequence for someone to follow in regards to directions.

    If l can answer the question l will, if i can't then i will wait til someone has given what i consider a correct or helpful answer then i will feel free to try and inject some humour

    I try my best on some answers, if I understand what they mean... and other just entertainment reason or joking ect. Although there are question unanswerable, so we try making one up, just too please the person.


    Once I gave a long answer about e.g. anticoagulant therapy which only the person asking wanted to know as a teaching tool and didn't even get a thank you. It is what it is.

    I will thank you for his unresponsive answer,my guess is he didn't understand or was to busy with other thing.Just keep in there and forgive those that hurt you.

    I answer 100 or more questions per day. Out of those answers I might get 5 thumbs ups or thank yous from the people posting the questions. The rest come from the members here who understand and know about the TU's and TY's. ;)

    I've give you lot TU. Colleen , most of your ans. anyway thanks again! lot of work on your part.

    I skip computer questinons. Dont know much about computers. I will however answer questions that interest me.Some questions are impossioble to answer, because they dont make sense.

    i`m the same,answer when possible and then take the piss.

    The questions i am most amazed by are the ones dealing with homework. Please help me I'm only 10.  What is 100,000,000 ?When I went to school, a teacher rarely asked a question without providing  a source for the answer! Is this all different now? Telling someone these answers seem to defeat the purpose of education.

    Try this one...

    What's the distance between point c and line d-f? :( :( :(

    Yes, nearly impossible to answer some of them.   But then again some of my answers are hard or impossible to understand.  


    Besides being able to use goggle ,this is about life experience and understanding how thing work .How cities are organised and the structure of things . Where is the first step and how to begin ? I dont deal with lazy and try to answer the way I would wish my questions to be answered ,fairly and to the point . Some times you just dont know something and thats the way it is . LIFE !!!!


    bluesman - I do not find that. I understand.

    Dopey ,Things are arranged in some fashion always . Governments ,agency's have structure and rules . Understanding how these things work is key to answering some of the questions here .Say I have a complaint or problem with a big store . How do I reach some one with the power to resolve my issue ? Understanding how the company is structured will help in a resolution . What I said is simple and complex at the same time .Try it one line at a time and see. Bill

    Dont worry, no one can answer every question,

    If a question isnt written well or lacks information I ask the questioner to clarify.


    and it's just that simple.

    yup! how r u colleen?

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