Going to be in Vail Beaver Creek next week and need to score some weed. Any ideas where?

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    You could try the local police precinct.They probably have tons of it stored in their evidence locker that they have confiscated from dickheads like you. Good luck with it .

    You're kidding, right? You really expect anybody to answer positively to this question on a public forum...?

    You would do better to "score" a rehab facility which would help you to think more clearly.  Obviously that is not possible for you at this time, or you would not be asking your question on a world wide public forum! 

    I'll bet you were never chosen as the class valedictorian! I say this, as you really can't be too bright, to expect someone to reveal they are dealing drugs on an open website.

    Here is something to consider there Mr. Laidback. If you are so much in need of having that with would be best to bring your own along.

    This is Officer GT.A. Grip of the Task Force against Drugs....we are contacting the site administrators to get your e-mail so we can then find out who and where you are!  The FBI will be visiting you soon.  My suggestion is to be clean and sober when they visit.

    FTFD # 19736-90 case # 1,905,672,905-STP


    Hello Officer Grip. Glad to see you back on duty after your well-deserved vacation. As you can see, we have a drug abuser visiting us and if anyone can track down and bust a "druggie", we know that you can! We all remember your great work from last year and we have every confidence that this year will be even better. Thank you for putting so many behind bars!

    Speechless !!!   Astonished , Dumbfounded , How can you be so foolish ? You really believe there is privacy here ? Big brother is watching always . Better get smart ! 

    One word covers all "WANKER"

    I have plenty of weeds in my garden. You can have those if you wish, but smoking that stuff will make you sick. You could start a new fad. "Hey everybody, lets smoke the weeds in dad's garden...cough...cough...splutter. Oh, what's that i hear? A siren?" Why, it 's an ambulance to take a dickhead to hospital. I've a lot of grubs in the garden too. You could grind them up, dry them and smoke them...yuk! 

    Did you know that one of the largest beaver dams ever recorded was almost 3,000 feet long? Dude, that blows my mind...


    leeroy you are so Witty! xxxx

    You are too mel, xo

    I don’t know about Vail but my neighbor had 30 −14 foot tall pot plants last fall here in California. I think it went to NYC dealers for $2000.00  a pound. The economy here is booming for plantations in the National Forests. 

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