why i`m so alive at 3a.m and half dead at 6.30 when the alarm goes off?

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    Set your alarm for 3 am.


    thats a good answer then you wont wake up or you might not sleep till the 3 am !!!!!oxox

    good answer

    thats sooooo weird I was going to put that question up to day then I forgot I seem to be waking at 3am everyday  now my Hubby said its the witching hour ! and what does that mean oh another question on its way


    It means Going for a spin on your Broomstick time again HEE

    your hubby watches to much harry potter

    dowsa you never know!!!!! hahahah xoxoxo

    bowlesy you might be right! hahahahah xx

    Because you've only had some odd 3 hours of sleep................


    Exactly! How hard was that to figure out! :D

    I found that I sleep better if I work out in the sun in the afternoon during the winter months. 


    i work outside as a gardener all year and still cant sleep all night

    Taking naps during the day can also mess with your sleep at night.

    i hope your not suggesting that i sleep at work, well of all the cheek old chap.hahaha

    Welcome to my life!!!!!!


    Jenn I feel for you its really horrible xxx

    Its even worse when you feel so alive at 3am and still feel so alive at 6.30 am when the birds are waking up. its so depressing

    Same problem, I wake at 3am, then listen to the BBC World Service for an hour or two.

    I was told that you wake up at this time because you are as close as you can be to the creative spirit . You must keep in mind that I am an artist and this particular answer works very well for me.  I used to suffer with insomnia and now I just go with it.  Insomnia now has a new name ... It is called, "Get to work!".

    thats so true.Time dose fly when you having fun. just look at the time now.No alarm on today. In here it now.sooo glad ,happy,hurray! today is Saturday morning.Thats .strange I dont feel so half dead today. Oh-no.... I think I seeing some light coming around, I'm better call it a night.. BYE , ladys.


    thats so true.Time dose fly when you having fun. iTS 6;30  time now. BUT No alarm on today. I'm realived ,.sooo glad ,happy,hurray!  It's  Saturday morning.And I'm not feeling so half dead today. And... I think I seeing some light coming around, I'm calling  it a night.. BYE , ladys.


    I should be turning off the lights and getting to sleep by midnight at the latest, then getting up at 7. When I get ready for bed, I take off my eye makeup and then cleanse my face and brush my teeth. Now that I'm all refreshed, I'm good to go for another couple of hours when I should have been sleeping.  I'm still wide awake at 3 AM, but know I've got to get to sleep.  At 6:30, my brain and body know they got tricked by the bedtime routine AGAIN. 

    WEll do what you were doing at 3am do it at 6.30am having SEX.SEX..It works for my "wife""OH I just do "what " I am Told."Early Bird catches the "Worm.!!

    Everybody's sleep cycle is different.Some have an 8 hour cycle & some have a 5 or 6 hour cycle etc.If you sleep thru your cycle,say it's 6 hours,& you wake up & then go back to sleep for another 3 hours you will not feel fully awake until that sleep cycle has completed it's 6 hour course.

    Hope all that makes sense.

    dulces suen'os


    Tom, mine is 2 hourly, if i wake up before the 2 hour cycle i feel bugged for the rest of the day.

    Yeah,mine's the same.It works for me.

    Bowlesy, try a few glasses of Glenfiddich, i 'm sure you will sleep through to 6.30. -- if you wake up at 3.00 , try a few more .:)


    bulletman our thoughts run on the same track!!

    I very often feel the same thing!  I am, and always have been a "night- owl". No amount of early morning jobs, early schooling, and early childrens schooling has changed that the in the least. I have struggled very much  throughout my life in this respect. Even now ,at age 48, I wonder  how it still has such a strong hold over my life.  I  would try and go to bed at 10 or 11 pm and would just lie there and my mind would race and my body would have  a terrible struggle to try to sleep I'd  just roll and turn and it would be 3 AM and I was still awake.  Every night. I would eventually fall asleep about  3:30 or 4 AM and then have to get up at 6 AM. It's been a continual struggle all my life.  I do my best to get to up early for AM appts or work, but I am not my best.  So wish I was an AM person,....would make life SO MUCH EASIER  in this world!!!

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