If I decide to not take part in the changes planned by Goggle on March 1ST what do I lose in the way of services ? What are they connected to ?? Can one function without Goggle on the net . What do you think of the huge invasion of privacy caused by this new time line thing on Goggle ? Do you understand all of this ?

    I want no part of the Goggle changes ,can I simply decline and keep my privacy ?

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    I've changed my e-mail address to Hotmail and will stop using Google. I can go back to Bing. I've never had a problem with that browser. Yes, we can live without Google....well I can anyway. 

    I have changed from google to hotmail emails. My google is no longer available. There are other search engines to use out there, such as Yahoo, ninemsn and another one I used to use, I've forgotten the proper spelling, but it's like this: operah. I'll check with my son. There are many more search engines available, ask others.

    Yes this part I know ,I have used "Whole web as a search engine and was pleased its a whole bunch of search engines tied together . . There is a huge move to tie everyone and everything together between face book,twitter ,and other social sites .  You dont seem to be able to access one without the other . The permissions are the most scarey : when they ask for permission to post as you to your friends . To use your account for their business when you aren't on line ,Making photos and time lines  mandatory . Basically tearing down any privacy walls you may have  and exposing all your private data . This is beyond good common sense .              Bill

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