Favourite Winter Getaway ?

    Ski Hill or Sandy Beach?  Safe Gated Resort or Exploring a Foreign City's Character ?

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    In concert this is not a raisin or pea thing ... It is about one man singing and playing piano on stage while engaging the entire audience ... falling in love with his music as if if were the very first time you had heard it. Magic. Leonard Cohen is magic on stage. Then seeing Bob Dylan who just didn't give a hoot. His band may as well have been styrofoam cups in the rain after the picnic is over... It must have been a bad Bob Dylan day. Zip Ziltch Zero on the personality scale.
    Now we both have concerts to go to in order to compare notes!
    There is something to do. I love projects. :D

    I've seen both and would never rate either one as "dynamic". I see Cohen and I think Perry Como. You see Cohen and think Alice Cooper.Stay away from that B.C. hydroponically-grown herb :-)

    I don't smoke pot. Now you are being nasty. Makes not one spit of difference as there is no possible way we will ever cross paths... I must have seen a much Leonard on a high note.
    I wish I was seeing you that way as well. I thought you were much nicer than this.
    My mistake.

    You're way too sensitive. I thought the :-) would demonstrate the levity of my tone but evidently, it didn't.

    Wow, bad move setting her off about drugs. She live with death in her area because of drug shootings. She abhors drugs. You might want to duck... ; )

    I don't do drugs either. Nor am I her neighbourhood pusher. But I appreciate your comment,Colleen.

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    D- Foreign City's Character.  I will always pick colour and flair of a country or city.  I don't tan ... I turn various shades of pink.

    Good question.

    And by the by... Leonard is more dynamic in concert than Bob... Bob is practically a corpse with a hat on top. :)


    Like I said, raisin or pea. Well, we agree on getaway preference;-)



    Dont know where this is but I would love to go there

    I think I'll join you.

    digger your welcome! oxoxox

    ""St. Martin. Part Dutch, part French. Great weather, food, hotels, casinos,beaches, fishing. Nothing like getting on a flight in NY, where I am at 30 degrees F., and arriving here about 4 hours later and 50 degrees warmer.

    The  north coast of California. It’s cold, foggy, and the waves are wild. You can stay in a gorgeous rental house for very little money. You gotta take boots and an umbrella. It’s fun to go to a little store and pick out a steak, salad makings and french bread. Pie for desert. Go back to the house. Cook your dinner and set a beautiful table in front of the fire. Toast each other with wine and then to sleep in a fresh bed with good linen, an electric blanket and a beautiful spread.


    Sounds enticing.I'm certainly with you on the wine and steak part. As for salad...gneeeee

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