what was the crash dummies names?

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    Maybe this a reference to the names of the band members in the "Crash Test Dummies".



    Okay ROMOS...(MMMmmmmm X3)..Is this you thinking? questioning? doubting? wondering? What exactly are you trying to say????? :)

    Ducka... it's a song by the Crash Test Dummies... Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

    Thanks O Fishy one,didn,t they come from round your way?

    "Outta tune" I was. :(

    Three provinces away Man of the Skirt. Ducka you sound fantastic darling.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. Oh no, wrong singer. I'm so mixed up today. lol

    ""Colleens given you the names but here are the dolls!

    The SID (Side Impact Dummy) family of test dummies has been designed to measure rib, spine, and internal organ effects in side collisions. It also assesses spine and rib deceleration and compression of the chest cavity. SID is the US government testing standard, EuroSID is used in Europe to ensure compliance with safety standards, and SID II(s) represents a 5th percentile female. BioSID is a more sophisticated version of SID and EuroSID, but is not used in a regulatory capacity. The WorldSID is a project to develop a new generation of dummy under the International Organization for Standardization.[16]

    BioRID is a dummy designed to assess the effects of a rear impact. Its primary purpose is to research Whiplash, and to aid designers in developing effective head and neck restraints. BioRID is more sophisticated in its spinal construction than Hybrid; 24 vertebra simulators allow BioRID to assume a much more natural seating posture, and to demonstrate the neck movement and configuration seen in rear-end collisions.

    CRABI is a child dummy used to evaluate the effectiveness of child restraint devices including seat belts and air bags. There are three models of the CRABI, representing 18-month, 12-month, and 6-month old children.

    THOR is an advanced 50th percentile male dummy. The successor of Hybrid III, THOR has a more humanlike spine and pelvis, and its face contains a number of sensors which allow analysis of facial impacts to an accuracy currently unobtainable with other dummies. THOR's range of sensors is also greater in quantity and sensitivity than those of Hybrid III.

    Or...Brad Roberts – lead vocals, guitar (1988–present)Ellen Reid – vocals, keyboards, accordion (1988–present)

    Former Members

    Dan Roberts – bass (1988–2004, 2010)Benjamin Darvill – harmonica, mandolin, backing vocals, guitar (1988–2000)Mitch Dorge – drums (1991–2002, 2010)Vince Lambert – drums (1988–1991)Curtis Riddell – drums (1988)George West – bass (1988)

    Touring Members

    Stuart Cameron – guitar, backing vocals (2001–present)Murray Pulver – guitar, backing vocals (1996–2000, 2010–present)James Reid – guitar, backing vocals (2010)Kiva – keyboards (1993–1995)Ray Coburn – keyboards (1999–2000)


    I was trying to tap out a tune and I just couldn't "get it" this time. I missed that ROMOS was actually singing to me! LOL!!!!!!!!

    Guess I'm just "outta tune" today. :(


    SIERRA SAM was the first crash test dummy.   1949.   SIERRA STAN was the second.  
    Source:  Wikipedia 

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