YeeHaaa!!! Dowsa ma man,100K How COOL for a Jock.

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    ITS not a Question but a thank you.To all my dear friends on This enjoyable site .We help we cry inside for those poor souls in ill health .We laugh and make fun of each other. That is the essence of life,to help others .Also to give time and understanding like our "Mod Colleen.that's What its all about .giving time energy .Long may we go on to "HELP.


    Hoi! ma man, they,ve selt Jelavic, that,s the league gone unless they get somebody by 11pm. Follow Follow...KOTF

    AYE sorry to hear that Pal .no cash up front feel sorry for Ally Walter knew the score I think we have lost it Dowsa.

    You said it dowsa,heres hopin eh?

    Congratulations Dowsa Man!

    You are coolio and you are grand,

    100 K and a high five for you!

    Congratulations Koo Koo Kachoo!

    Best wishes and all that mushy stuff... Fishie xo


    "Hey Fish fry thank you .you are very "Witty or funny girl.Keep it up thanks again

    Youse still ma pal Dowse awricht???


    Josie the wife? You've lost me?

    Oh, are you referring to the way in which dowsa always refers to (not "my" wife but) THE WIFE!? :)

    Got it! :)

    Ducky to refer to "the wife" is anyones wife so not applicable in refering to ones` own wife.
    Sounds almost possesive.
    To refer to ones` wife as "my wife" is more acceptable and complimentary to the lady concerned.

    "AYE you ken that Ma man Hows "yer Fleas still itching to go futher a field .send them on to the guys via Colleen."Oh tell her they dont go for "Doggies love human blood only.thanks "Pal all the best.

    Dowsa, Dowsa, Dowsa.....what have you done?  Well, you have done a good job!  Congrats!!!


    Remember Josie.The WIFE!!!!

    He loves the wife, I hope...R.


    "Ducky Ducky Ducky .I have a stutter as well .you did say early feb.I would get my 100,000 you "Psychic"love you humour. great. love all the best.

    Wowser, yowser Dowser, excelent job my friend..


    "Hey.daren my friend .you have a good insight to peoples minds and funny thanks all the best.

    Dowsa ~ Woo Hoo!  Your good work is appreciated by everybody: Your friends here at akaQA and those who drop by to see what we’re all about. You’re a good one and have come up with some great answers. THANK YOU.


    Well "who else could it be but itsmee.Thank you for your "support".As my wife has just kicked me out, got my room ready "Oh not a big eater four "round" meals a day dont know "what"s a square meal looks like its only round plates we use over here."Oh one last thing please send on my Fare as well.You have a big "Heart.

    It looks like we will be celebrating with you before the weekend, its mee. COOL.

    It is nice to be celebrated.. Enjoy it.  I know I enjoy reading your posts.


    "HI. Jenn thank you your kind and a nice person Do you take in drifters I will be soon .My wife said she wants a "Change"Sure how much checking my pockets."No she cried I have found an older man!!I said if he is two years older than me, he must be the same age as "MOSES""WEll i dont have to look for under the bed sheets!!OCH that hurt.see you soon JENN.

    Oh baby.. I am so sorry... Dont look at it as the end... Look at it as a new beginning... If you were here I would give you a couch till you were back on your feet.

    Great job! And welcome, good to see you here.  Celebrate and think of us while you do so........


    jhharlan "Celebrate "Celebrate "What doing the ironing washing the dishes making the beds my wifes sister is staying over fell out with her husband saying "He does not love me any-more.I asked the stupid Question of course "Why at the end I had to roll her "tongue back in her mouth.Thank you love and bless you.

    Congratulation Dowsa. Keep up the good work-you are too funny!


    ANN my favourite name my young sister was called Ann lost her four years ago.Gone but never for gotten.100k thank goodness thats not my age My "Wife would looking for a "toy boy" Lying in bed the other night early she pick up a book."Title "How to turn your man on"OH I laughed You don't have to do that. I do she "Cried "YOU" don't!! I would have a heart attack if i found it she said.Tell me if you do then we both can have a "Heart attack"

    ""Congratulations just help your self to what ever in this place its all free! well done sweetheart  oxoxoxox


    No more temptation please,it,s not long till my birthday you know,need to lay of it for a wee

    ROMOS you can help your selve its free heee oxoox

    "Well MEL.I take the lot.Some for my pal Romos we share and share a like."But not his Fleas.I would be enjoying my drink his fleas would be "Sucking the drink out of me thanks love from JOSIE and ME.oxoxox.

    dowsa you know what they say share and share alike just ask his fleas to just drink thr blood! heee love to josie and you oxoxoxo

    Doggone it, a milestone reached.  Congratulations, Dowsa.  The lady in yellow is most excited for and about you!



    Chiangmai."WOW" some lady,its a good thing I am a gentleman ( liar )"Oh to dream behave your a happy married man "UH who said so.The "Wife "OH right silly me Get out of my "mind "devil"Woman" HEY thats a "song. love and best wishes.your friend DOWSA.

    Good on ya, Dowsa, Congrats on reaching 100Ks.


    Thanks bulletman.time went so fast I feel like I have been here a long time .but its being great with all you wonderful guys.take care.

    Dowsa have a dram to celebrate, that Glenfiddich on Colleens looks tempting.

    I have a bottle of Glenfiddich and a Glenmorangie, Highland Signatory all singles as you know plus a Black Douglas . Take your pick and let me know

    .Well done me old mate, cobber and china.


    I totally agree PL (wife thing) but you need to tell dowsa not me. I have always joked with people who refer to "THE" wife or "THE" husband...."Is that in the same category as "THE" house,"THE" car,"THE" tv, etc. (lol)

    Should try the OLD CAMERON BRIG, It,s made just 3 miles from me in a little stil that employs about 800 people, single grain, not blended,very different,very good.

    Great and Mighty ROMOS if I ever get there again I will make contact with you to try Old Cameron, as a Robertson Clan off shoot (ROY) would that be disloyal.
    Hail The King of Fleas and Whiskey conniseur from KOTR.

    Check my profile, you,ll see my real name there I think, might surprise you...KOTF.

    "HEY old pal ( and I mean That from the heart )Tempting drinks"Tell you what old cobber ,I will get Romos to fly his army of "Fleas out attached to the empty air bags with return address "OH not Romos dont trust that "Bugger",even we support the same football club Rangers .Better still I will get the mother-in-law to fly out in her "broomstick."ok old cobberall the best .

    100K.......way to go!!!


    "HEY .Wonderer thanks still wait on the presents.Colleen given all the sweets to her two little troopers .WEll why not We all know she loves them to bits.again than you

    Well done Dowsa, congratulations.


    "Hey old friend we a travelled a long way Well "Crawled in your case .you lovable "Snake in the grass.Thank you.all the best.

    Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!!!


    valR. thank you its a great feeling been voted the "Bum" of the year.It means I am a somebody.only kidding thank you.

    Congratulations Dowsa, welcome to the 100K Club!  



    Congratulations may your glass never be empty.


    "Colleen Lassie I am lost for words "What did you say? Thank goodness for that ( your "Tongue" is bigger than your mother-in-laws )You just made Josie happy .Thanks again ,and for putting up with me.But I love to joke with you.Always your friend DOWSA.

    ....and may your beans continue to be cool.


    You should change your name...Bobbybeans...Beanbob..Beanybob...BoBean...BeanGirl...LOL!!!!!

    That's definitely worth considering! :D

    "Whats in a "Name Bob. its the person I like you dont mess around with your words .Someone like myself.You know a Rocker is always "Daddy cool.Thanks Bob.

    Thank you dowsa. High praise, coming from you! Here's to your continued karma. :D

    good going dude.


    thank you dear friend all the best.

    Well Done Dowsa!!!!! This site would not be the same without you!!! You r the BEST !!!!


    Missed you out my dear your comments and your answers its great to have friends like you. Take care your friend always DOWSA

    Great job, well deserverd


    thank you dear friend like your answers.

    your very welcome

    Your vote a while ago put me at 300k! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! jhh


    jhharlan. sorry missed you out of my thank you.Forgive me .Is that a "Yes" you look to nice not to.Love your answers.I like to be Funny at times.Some times to near the "Bone that is the Silly bit in "ME" thank you DOWSA.


    Out come the belly dancers!

    Oops! This one doesn't seem

    to have it all down yet!


    thank you Shootah nice "swinger.

    Cool Beans!


    "Hey Daisy thank you cool name.

    Thank You!!!!

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