what's the most unusual thing you've experienced

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    Not a miracle, good neurosurgeon, glad to be of help and amusement occasionally...KOTF.

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    Awakening after 9 weeks in a coma, seemed to me like i,d just woke up from a hard nights drinking, but I,d had a brain haemorrhage 9 weeks previously, OK for me at the time but my family went threw torture. Only to be let loose on this site 23yrs later, HaaaaaaHaaaaaaa...KOTF.

    abby grant

    that sounds like a miracle, glad to have you on board

    Now that explains a lot about your comments.Hahahaha!
    Sorry mate.I know it was a serious thing for you & I don't mean to make light of it.(Well yes I do!) You got through it & that's the main thing.

    Sure glad that you're here. You are a delight!

    Shucks:) you,re so ehh??? .................

    Glad to have you here, Romos! What caused the brain hemorrhage? I knew a boy, age 14 and a football star who died of that! It was 20 years ago and medicine has improved.

    WOW, it wasn't an every day occurrence 23 years ago for someone with a brain hemorrhage to survive. I do wonder a bit if the good neurosurgeon had a 100% survival rate with cases like yours. I don't see any reason to not believe you were the recipient of a miracle or two.

    Or three Mi lady P.I,ve had cancer twice, still here. Funny thing though, I never get a cold or anything minor.

    Landing here at akaQA!!!    LOL!!!


    A year ago would you have ever thought about being here,,,


    Probably seeing a UFO. Hopefully I will find Bigfoot soon and I can change my answer.

    Dreaming about a serious accident my brother was in before it happened, then knowing exactly what part of his body was hurt before being told.


    There are so many strange things that happen. We can probably learn more about psychic stuff if we put our minds to it but telephone, internet, TV, smart phones ... block out our natural abilities.

    During WW2 mum called me to the front of our house and pointed to a dog that  an older brother owned.

    I was about 13 when this happened.

    "What is wrong with Fred, he has been sitting near the gate looking down toward the road for ages" Mum informed me.

    Just then Fred bolted down toward a patch of scrub and lo and behold a figure in Army khaki walked out of the track through the scrub, it was Freds` owner and my brother.

    No one knew Tom was coming home on leave but Fred did.

    If that is not strange enough, Fred had taken up his vigil at the gate at the time the train would have arrived at the nearest station to our home, two miles away.

    Dogs bless them all.


    What a story! What a wonder dog.

    Dogs are great! :)

    Surviving to the age of 64! I never expected to.


    Keep goin mate keep goin!!!

    Lookin’ Good, Tommy!

    same here tom, at 18 i thought i'd never hit 25 .. now i'm 51 imagen that.

    You have a lot to live for, Tommy...take care of yourself!

    More good luck than good management Tommy.

    2000 ~A real estate agent was very angry with me because we took our house off the market. He was standing at my front door trying to push his way into my house. (For what?) Anyway, I said “IF YOU DON’T LEAVE RIGHT NOW, I’LL CALL THE POLICE” (I was alone) 

    He turned and angrily stomped down my walkway. As he left something happened that I’ll sure never forget.  His skeleton lit up. It was like he had been hit by an X-Ray and I could see every bone in that bad man’s body. He cursed me and I felt like he was pure evil. And to this day I worry about the curse . Please let me know if you have experience with this kind of thing. Or if you can direct me.


    its mee--that is the creepiest real experience I have ever heard and it's fair to say that curse would be worrisome. Gives me chills... :{

    Bob ~ I’m glad you commented. Yes, it’s creepy and probably has something to do with electricity in the body. Dunno.

    Praying for sun when i got rain..

    Some of the questions i read take some beating.


    Intellectual has always got two lllllllls,spellcheck is magic...KOTF.


    When my youngest was 7, he disappeared while I was correcting papers and making lessons plans at the kitchen table. My eldest and I looked everywhere around our property, in the neighbor's pool, and around the country "block", scanning the rows of orchard and vine. We drove to the deserted school 1/2 mile away. Nothing. It was January, and pruning/tying time for the vines. Many transient workers were in the area and we lived "out in the country". The nearest neighbor was 1/4 mile away. I was afraid he'd been kidnapped.
    My husband and middle son came home from grocery shopping and little one was still missing. The four of us searched again.  As we neared the end of our property circle (1/4 mi square...vineyards), I suddenly felt like "glitter"  was falling on me and a voice distinctly said "He's OK".  All my fear left and I almost asked my husband, "Did you remember to buy hot dog buns?" (That's how calm I became)  I ran into the house moments later, but he wasn't there. ?????  Just then, a truck pulled into the driveway and out he hopped. He had walked 1 1/2 miles, and was spotted as he passed the house of a classmate, whose mother promptly brought him home.  I estimate that about the time I heard the voice say "He's OK", the classmate's mom was ushering him into the truck. 


    Something to do with being a loving devoted Mother methinks, my own Mother once recalled a similar experience to me, and of course it was me who had got lost,I don,t remember a thing being a bit young at the time..KOTF

    You'd must of been a good mom! If it's a been my mother she'd want me to get lost, she did not want me around, My guess was she was ashamed having got pregnant at a young age 17yr.old.The guy who was suppose to be my father ran away cause her old men would of kill him,for getting her daughter up a I never new who he was,So I became a drifter.Voila.

    facebook, I sure wasn't the best mom, though I thought I was doing the "right" things for and with my sons. I bet your mom loves you and was just really wound up in her own predicament back then. I like you and am glad I get the chance to "spend time" with you here.

    ROMOS KOTF: How could a loving devoted mom not notice her little boy missing. He is now 21 and we have discussed that day in depth. His memory and the circumstances around his departure make me sad even now.

    Oh my ... what to say? These things ... HOW can they be? Your Glitter was a gift from God but why did God choose that time? You had learned your lesson and received a little gift because you couldn’t take the fear any more? Maybe ...
    What does your son remember?

    its mee: I always have acknowledged that "glittery" moment and voice were a message from doubt in my mind whatsoever. My son remembers asking me if he could run away from home and my telling him no. A little later he asked if he could go on a hike and I told him OK. His backpack had "provisions". He said he was tired of his brothers beating up on him (and neither of them remember beating up on him). I was so busy with that schoolwork (long-term sub in "honors" class...many prima donna students and horrible parents, plus my middle son in the class...a true nightmare time) that I basically ignored his need. :{

    Understanding that what I wanted to happen years ago is happening. It's like waking up from a nightmare.


    I don’t quite understand, robert. What did you want to happen?

    What is happening. If you look to what took place from WW2 to the Bay of Pigs and from then to the present I would think it would be obvious. We are turning away from war and back toward diplomacy and peaceful co-existence.

    "Diplomacy and peaceful coexistence"~A dream, Robert.

    I REMEMBER BACK IN 1981 WHEN I HAD MY first daughter. we were sleeping and some thing got on my back. i couldnt move open my eyes or even speak. this thing was laughing  and snarling and asked me what i was going to do. i said my husband would help me. that just made it laugh more. after a couple of minutes i was able to say Jesus Christ will help me and it let go. i  jumped up and we went to my friends house till my husband came home from work. i have been plagued with things ever since. i have been attacked several times over the years. the last attack was a couple of days ago. i always call out for Jesus when i am able and it always leaves when i do. this stuff is very frightening for me. i have no idea what to do to stop this.


    I hate to hear this is happening to you, carmaxable. Would you mind if I passed this along to a friend of mine to see what suggestions he might have for getting this to stop.

    Release them.

    I am frightened of what the evil real estate salesman said to me. I am plagued also.

    sure Bob go on ahead. ill be thankful for the help.

    Carmaxable, I have heard many cases of this happening to people. People are chosen for exact reasons unknown, but if it were me I would closely align myself with clergy with whom you are very comfortable with for them to be of invaluable help to you and keep you safe on your life's journey. It's happening for a reason we may not understand yet, but stay strong and vigilant, and your faith is HIGHLY important. MY thoughts and prayers of personal safety are definitely with you!! God give you ultimate strength and protection during these incredibly frightening episodes, please!! Know that God trumps all,....he's got your back. Always. (((:-})))

    One day, while a real estate broker,  I faxed a copy of a just a empty lot to a commercial real estate client.  I didn't hear anything from the client for a few days.  The client finally called to tell me that another broker had physically shown him the same property and that he really liked it.  My heart sank immediately, realizing that the other broker could eventually make the sale.  The client told me that he wanted ME to represent him.  Happily I did and the property was worth over $3 million, and the total sales commission was $200,000, or 6% of sales price.

    It's hard to believe that a tiny piece of faxed paper could be worth so much.  Never ASSUME.




    Oh Wow!

    Nothing like "closing"! :)

    I can't say.  This little life of mine has not fallen into the parameters of what would be considered normal. 

    I would haft to say the most unusual thing that happen to me is when coworker explain to me about his belief in Christianity, that when I decide to read the scripture for my self, turn out his believe was also wrong. too a certain point that is .

    The day my needs left me.  The day that feeling of   something is missing   went away.  The day that I knew without a doubt that I needed nothing, needed nobody, to feel whole and complete.   I was free from a self of needs.  The day I  understood a 'truth' that gives a person power over themself.   That was the day that   truth   set me free from myself.   I have shared this with many and only1/4 of them at best seem to catch on. 

    Try this to see if you can understand it

    Ask yourself a personal question, answer the question, then ask of that answer 'why'.  This 'why' answer is your next personal question, then ask that second answer again 'why'.  Eventually you may come to hard truth.  Sometimes by writing all this the truth will expose itself while you are watching your hand move.     Let me know how you do.

                  to be continued  - - - - - -


    I know its difficult to accomplish if you have a family to take of.  Getting private time without distraction for your brain to work  is difficult.  Try this,   duct tape the kids together in the basement and send hubby on a long trip.  No, that may come under the heading of abuse. or worse yet stupid!

    A journey of smiles and tears awaits those who can manage the time to self explore their thoughts.




    Wow..........You are in a very deep and justified place. You are in a place I have never been before, at least not in this this life!! Thank you for sharing such depth.......

    Wow..........You are in a very deep and justified place. You are in a place I have never been before, at least not in this this life!! Thank you for sharing such depth.......

    Very deep ... I will keep up with the continuation. Thank You.

    caddam, that is something I have begun on more than one occasion and have let it go without continuing. Thank you for this answer. I bought a journal book recently...this will be where the q/a can be written. Again, thank you.

    Very personal, and don't know that I want to expose it  with  the risk of trivializing it.  Thank you to all who shared their intimate and personal moments,......very  moving.Thank you.........

    Abby: This was such a good question. Do you care to share your story?

    Fish, I hear you but I don’t understand. I haven’t meditated for ... one hundred years.  Maybe tomorrow.

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