I’ve been here since the very beginning and I never move up “Top Contributors” chart. Also, my picture has only appeared three times under the “Have a question? Ask it Here.” rectangle. It seems like I’m here A LOT. I’m not upset about this but I’m curious.


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    I’d like to stay visible with this one.

    If you are top contributor in a particular category, (meaning you answer a lot of questions or ask a lot of questions in that category) you will see your picture there.

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    Itsmee... I can't really tell you why I show up on the top contributers list... sometimes I have a bit of available time and I answer loads of questions.  I look a lot of things up that I know not one thing about until the question is asked.  There are also days I have the gift of gab... those are my most prolific days.

    Good luck and TU!

    Benthere really have the gift !

    You will get there itsmee, all good things take time.

    I have never been one either.... But it is all good. There are some ppl who answer and answer answer questions.... Lots of question. They dedicate a lot of their time to this site. I just stop by when I can. I have been here from day one or two. 

    The more answers you give the more karma you have the more karma the higher of a contributor. 

    Coleen probably will give a good A to your Q but you  are very close to reaching a100K milestone... 


    I hope so, val R

    Just noticed your hope/day dream has come true - see colleen answer below :)

    Hey itsmee don't worry I've been here a long time too I just don't get on here much to move up but I keep pluggen away at it, and answer questions I think I can be of help too.

    Can't get a hit if you don't swing the bat, bases are loaded and your up...

    Hey lovely lady ! Itsmee! just be persistence and you'll get there sooner or latter, don't try to catch up with Colleen , she has an answer for everything!

    itsmee, you're like a faithful wife who does all the day to day work such as cooking and cleaning.  You are the type of people who will be sorely missed once you disappear.  This place seems right with you here, for sure.


    it’s people like you who keep me stuck here. : )) Soup?

    Thank you, Chiangmai. It’s people like you who keep me stuck here. : ))

    Thanks, itmee. It's a pleasure to interact with someone as good as you who never ever tries to be in the spotlight on this forum, just good old invaluable opinions. :)

    Top members (4) list (on the answered page) is for the members who receive the most karma for the week. Answer lots and lots of questions in many different topics and get the up votes and you might make it into the weekly top members spot. Begin an active daily member answering a lot of questions and gaining a following helps to. 

    I answer 100-200  questions per day but I receive only a small amount of TU's for the answers given so even I do not make the weekly top members list. Then again, I give more real answers than puns or funnies and puns and funnies seem to sell more for the TU's so maybe being a comedian might  help you to make the weekly top 4 members in earning karma. ; )



    itsmee I have seen you on the list once or  twice but cant remember what catagory but you will get there answer some more questions I do like your questions they are very good!


    Once it seems that I was an expert on homosexuality and transviteism.
    (I’m not)
    The other time I was an expert in social science.
    (more like it)

    I don’t remember the third time (or if there was a third time)

    itsmee I thought it was gardening once as well oxoxoxo

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