why do children hate school

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    Only lazy and spoilt children hate school. Are you spoilt and lazy ?


    bcz of their loss of natural freedom

    School becomes dull and boring when a teacher uses terms that are not understood. Those terms are like barriers and require a little thought to get around. While stopping at the word to get by it, the teacher goes on and after having come to a reasonable understanding of what-ever that word was the problem is where the teacher has gone on to....oblivious to your hesitation requiring you to catch-up to where-ever they have moved on to. After a while the futility of this effort to assemble the collection of odd terms into a meaningful set of literate understandings becomes an impossible task and the educational experience becomes purely internal and there the classroom world vanishes entirely while seated upright at ones desk, oblivious to whatever is happening...but to visit and emulate classmates in their general actions during class. There in one's own world thought is the teacher and infinity the classroom space. I learned what I needed and although my education seemed so small and trite, I actually learned far more on my own.      

    i believe children look for affection and entertainment at this age. So, this becomes a pressure on them. They hardly get this alien language.

    For some kids, at times it gets in the way of just being a kid. Unfortunately, life requires more than the ongoing opportunity to play. Fortunately though, it often makes all of us appreciate the time we do have to play, all the more...and often provides access to different levels of play. Life is what you make of it: you can accept it on it's terms and deal with it appropriately; or drag yourself through recurring puddles of misery, wondering why you feel like crap.

    My boys did like school. I tried to get them involved in summer activities.

    My boys did like school. I tried to get them involved in summer activities.

    why should kids like school when they have all those gadgets to keep them busy.I feel all that staying connected crap has screwed this generation .

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