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    I already know...someone on the internet said it was going to be December 23, 2012!  For $19.95 they said they'd give me the exact time and place too! How much more reliable can that be?!


    $19.95? I had to pay £19.99,that,s more!!Ah well, at least we,ll save the cost of the

    What a great deal, This internet stuff is the best and so honest too.

    maybe we should have gone for a group discount

    A fool and their money is easy parted.

    Wow...Great Deal!!! Don't give them your bank acct info- LOL. @ Romos- so, when and where will you be when the Mayan calender ends???

    Yes I would,as to why I was going to say so I could tell my loved ones how much they've meant to me but they already know that so I'll say so I could be in the right place when that time comes(location wise),a nice warm sunny day and peace around me...


    Hey Cleveland Rick...good to see you back!
    Headless Man

    off subject, Hows the new job going.........

    Job's going ok Randy,but man my crappy home life sure has a way of putting a mix to it,but I'm hanging in there the best I can.

    Re: home life.....if it's not one thing, it's another. I don't know anyone who can really get all their DUCKYS in a row. At least you get away from the hellhole when you go to work!

    Glad to see your back and being more positive, and that your jobs going well Rick.Take care mate.

    No. I don't like to know the ending of a book before I have read all the chapters either. The mysteries in life are what keeps life interesting. If I knew the date I would die, I would probably spend my days planning for death, not planning for living. 

    No I wouldn't. I'd be thinking all about dieing and not about life if I knew.............

    No.  I would be thinking about the "count down" instead of living my life.

    We all have to die someday, but I want to live my life and not thinking about "when"

    I've already met my maker as I talk to Him daily, will meet Him in person when He's ready not a day before.


    Does he talk back in a voice not your own hopeful thoughts.
    Headless Man

    He answers me, not in a voice and not my hopeful thoughts, your talking to a guy with over 8 foot of surgical scars on his body but when your on your death bed He speaks to you in dreams and ways you will never understand if He's not in your heart.

    How would you explain an Atheist with over 12 feet of scars and is still living? I suppose it's beyond you to accept doctors have saved your life. Oh right, God picked the correct doctors for you and I would now have to assume the Atheist too.

    To have that kind of relationship with God is something I hope everyone will understand. To say that someone will never understand sounds as if you are revoking their right to salvation.
    Headless Man

    Your right Jenn, I hope PEOPLELOVER will someday understand.
    Colleen, I was talking to PEOPLELOVER, to let him know it's not my hopeful thoughts, I've been there. As far as the atheist with 12 feet of scars, I don't know any, ask him.......

    Tough to think outside the box huh?

    You've missed two points from two comments either by stubborn pride or true ignorance.
    Headless Man

    "Tough to think outside the box huh?"
    LOL you have no idea.......

    I have lots of ideas some that will remain unsaid. : )
    Headless Man


    for some anyway :)

    Mon n dad (my makers) passed away several years ago, I would love to meet them again, never a day goes by that i don't think of my makers, Mon n Dad..

    I don`t even know who my maker is for sure. Life is such a mystery. I`ve heard it is best to take one day at a time. I`m gratful for all my lazy and busy days.

    I'm curious as why you think it might be a "little crass for Americans". Yes I would like to know so I could take care of everything I deemed necessary.


    As i said to Colleen, some questions you avoid, re: Blacks, your past history and so on, unable to laugh at your self, but you love poitics, look, i hope i'm wrong , it's only my opinion, i meant no offence. I HAVE REMOVED THE REMARK!

    No, thanks.  (Oh,  why.....There is so much I want to do in my lifetime. Not knowing when will allow me to believe that I still have more time to experience some of those things.)

    Yes , that way i can clean my house...


    I doubt you'd care, I know I won't!

    I Already have the "Wife.


    dowsa you tickle me.

    "Hey tabber .Dont tell the "Wife.Take care.

    You get to schedule appointments with dentists...God doesn't believe in time.

    I do have a few questions but they can wait. 

    Let the mystery be       :  )

    I would rather not know, I like surprises.

    no, as has been said in a previous answer "self fulfilling prophesy" I don't want to believe I will die at a given time, cause maybe I just would.."superstitious behavior"

    Yes I would like to know. I procrastinate.

    speak to my mum everyday and when i can my dad

    I would not want to know when my time is up ,Simply because I most likely change my behavior or not doing what I normally do when living day by day.You know where it is written "an evil and adulterous generation seeketh  after  a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:"[ Matthew 12-39.]


    This is a test. Please explain in your own words, the verse you took from the bible assuming everyone knew it or at least where it was written. I am having trouble understanding how it answers the question.

    Colleen! I will try, but if you already made up your mind,about the scripture being all fable then there no point in me trying to convince you.It my understand if God would of want you to know He would of reveal it to you.It like you see but you don't understand or you hear but you can't comprehend, this is not too offend you, Only try too explain something, You know my vocabulary and grammar can't keep up with your. So like I said if you already made a conclusion,than there no point in arguing this any more.

    I've concluded nothing, this is why I'm asking. How does the verse fit the question? How is it arguing to ask one question?

    You know as well as I do this generation is adulterous,and if people new there end might be at there door step they would probably change there behavior,tell me did that help you understand what I'm trying to say?

    You know the Bible is like a puzzle,if you read here and there than you don't see the whole picture. You need read from cover to cover if you want to see the whole picture.

    Ahhh, you are talking about others and not yourself. Silly me, I should have figured that out based on the question that asked about YOU not others.

    You should preach that puzzle bit to the cherry pickers in your religion.

    Did I say that I was innocent! people is what I said, Do you alway put word in other people mouth?

    > Deleted by member. < This member is completely fed up of the arguing with Christians by this 'moderator'. I imagine that most of our Christian members do not drink "Kool Aid" as you, so often, put it Colleen.


    No words were put in your mouth, no pets were harmed during this discussion. Seems to be a language barrier. You keep saying "you" so when I read it, I think you are talking about me...maybe you just mean everyone else and not me or maybe you mean you? Dunno, your last bit made no sense.

    Glad you can somehow understand all this fish. Maybe you as in YOU can explain to me sometime what facebook went off about.

    Well I for one know who my creators were. my mother and father and as they have both died I don`t like my chances of meeting them again.

    Life is for living the adventure not pondering the imponderable.

    I would like to know, then i could make sure i see my family and good friends one more time before i say 'bye bye'.

    I will not know the day or the time... but I do know my destination... I am good with that.

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