Opinions on being cryogenetically frozen?

    (I hope that's the right word) 

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    cryogenically ;)

    Thank you figtree3.

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    Saying that they freeze you for 250 years and a cure for your disease had been developed, you're cured, in fact you are over 250 years old and look say 35.  I would imagine that your perception of  the world around you would scare the hell out of you and you would be considered an imbecile by the fact that you are 250 years behind in technical evolution.  An idiot!  You have no friends, they dies over 200 years ago, so did your parents and children if any, and your great great great grandchildren are gone too..  Nah, not me, I'll serve my time as designed.  About 75~85 years


    When they thaw out the body, it'll be dead anyhow :-\

    Maybe, we don't know, they are working on reviving cells that have been uder deep freeze in labs and they have been very successful. I think that it may be possible in the distant future to revive the body. I don't think the brain will hold it's memory/logic that was taught. Social skills are any form of communication will also be lost. Just lay there as a vegetable. But on the lighter side, freezing organs for future use. This I see as a strong possibility.

    You might want to consider the possibilty of freezer burn.


    Oh, it's not for me...not sure what brought it to mind. I hate being cold :D

    ""I was 30 when I went into the machine. Then they defrosted me. Look what happened!

    I question it, as I believe that our spirits leave us at the time of death and that it isn't the will of man that brings it back. Although the body may work again, true life is lived by the spirit.


    You may an excellent point. Sometimes I hear the spirit referred to as "essence".

    Yes, as a philosophical definition. I also like the word, essence.

    The brainstorm of mad scientists.

    No, same as with burial, I don't want to take up space..........

    Kind of like beam me up scotty , the transporter. Genetic material can be frozen. Oh, yes, scientists have successfully transported light waves from one place to another. Objects, not yet.

    Frozen ...Find out what it costs to be cryogenically frozen. If you could live longer, why not leap at the opportunity. Cryogenics allows a body to be frozen and preserved ...

    Bob had to a search on this  web who knows to your question !

    My "mind has been "Frozen for years !! According to my wife"


    dowsa Im sure Josie dosnt really think that!

    Mel well she is lying down on the floor "Laughing" her head"off lol from Josie oxox

    Oh dowsa dowsa that did make me laugh oxoxo

    Congrats on the 100,000 dowsa. Keep up the great Q & A !

    "Hi Leeroy thanks you friend.Did not think that I was that "Old Lol

    It's not the freezing that frightens's the being over cooked in the microwave to thaw me out. :)


    I think you'll be defrosted over a period of days, then marinated for a week or so.....

    Oh,I'm already well & truly marinated.LOL

    I'll bet you will be delicious! :D

    Then you'd be all sloppy and
    NO Not for me.

    Thanks but no thanks....

    You're not supposed to freeze used meat!


    Laughing out loud, witchway!

    I don't know about you, but what's Walt Disney going to do if someday they thaw out his frozen head? I mean they didn't freeze his body. Is he going to live in a fish bowl made for a head? What's the point? lol. I suppose he did to much LSD?


    He'll go live on the third rock from the sun with the other big giant head.

    Hey leeroy did you ever watch Futurama?

    A long time ago, just like the cartoon, they had the famous people heads in Jars that were reanimated...
    I watch family guy now, cracks me up sometimes.

    Good one Tommy...

    live in a fish bowl sounds familiar ask Fish Fry.

    Maybe he didn't like his body and was hoping for a new one????



    verrrry cool :D good one!

    Wait, you could be frozen and have Walt's head when they thaw you guys!!!
    Headless Man

    I have room for another

    Funny enuf my Dad was very interested in this


    It IS an interesting concept!

    waste of money  but if you got it  flaunt it  .

    I would wake up a Zombie...  I don't like Zombies.  They creep me out and they eat brains... eeeeuuuuuwwwww!

    Far worse than vampires if you ask me.

    Let's see how it worked out for walt disney, and get his opinion..


    daren right! I can't wait to hear about Walt.

    Now I know what happen to me when I woke up this morning,and why I couldn't answer any question my brain was still frozen.


    :D Do you still feel the same after defrosting?

    Duh! oh yea! never did thaw out, slow in everything I do, well that what my mother tell me!! my quest is the brain cell went dead! no recovery?

    I don't believe that. Nothing brain dead about you!

    Hi lewboy.  We don't know if we'd be living on cheese.  It might be a whole new experience that we could not even imagine right now.  Maybe by then we'll all be taking shots for food.  Who knows.  We might breath certain type of air and get full.  Well I guess we will have to wait and see or as daren 1 said, 'wait to hear from walt disney' after his head gets thrawed out.  Have a beautiful food eating day.


    Can you please post your replies as comments and not as new answers? There is a reason it must be done this way and I'm hoping you understand. Thanks. :)

    Sorry Colleen. Did not know that about commenting as an answer. My problem is that you don't seem to be able to comment on a comment. So that's why I put an answer. I have been corrected. Thanks.

    No thank you...I hate being cold!!!!!


    ME TOO!

    doo, you'll be plenty cold when you're dead.

    Bob I love this question.  I thought Walt Disney's whole body was frozen.  Facinating.  If I could afford to be frozen I would do it in a flash.  Remember not long ago people did not believe germs existed and a lot of people died with surgery from infection.  Where science has taken us and will take us is hard to imagine.  Look how many people say they have died and came back.  Maybe some kind of way the brain, awareness and spirit are connected.  What do we know.  Its like a cat trying to type on a computer.  Its gonna take a long time for a cat to figure that out.  I'd like to do it to wake up and see how crazier the world has gotten and what's on the news.  But I also believe that eventually people will live to be 500 years old, according to a science show me and my sister saw on tv last year.  


    Thank you for a great answer, AGAIN, tabber. I love your enthusiasm and optimism. I can't imagine living to be 500....the aging process must be really slowed if we are going to make it that long. It's hard to understand why a person would have only a head frozen, but his body was ill with cancer, so I guess it makes sense. It would be VERRRRRY interesting to wake up in the future. And you are so right about what we don't know!

    My cat has mastered the "P" "K" enter and backspace keys...he's quite close to mastering the "L" key also.

    I have changed my mind- they may freeze my toe nails


    doolittle, I'm not even going to ask :D


    Bob thanks for the thanks!!  You know Bob right now they are growing human ears on mice.  They say in the future thur stem cells we'll be able to have our own body parts regrown.  So if you only got a head later on it could be a whole body if they scatch some of the dna off the head and put it somewhere to grow like a flower.  What about the test tube babies that are real and walking among us. Isn't it all just facinating. Oh yes and they say when you are 500 you will be just like you are 50, very little aging.  That's what a lot of scientist are working on now, how to slow down the aging process.  I wish they would hurry up.


    Sounds good but i dont fancy living on cheese.


    I wish they would hurry up too. It would be kinda nice to maintain at least this much mobility and intelligence while my grandchildren are growing up! It is definitely a little "Sci-fi" what's going on in labs. I think I would prefer cures and preventatives for AIDs, cancer, MS, Lou Gehrig's disease, Parkinson's, diabetes, and rejuvenation of organs (heart, kidneys, liver especially)than living for 500 years. What do you think?

    How in the world would you afford to retire if you lived to 500???

    I hope they hurry too!

    @ Tabber: I'll ask you again to please reply to comments left to you by others as a comment back and not as a new answer. Use the comment link, not the new answer box. I know you can get extra karma doing it this way but others see it as cheating so I have to ask you to reply to comments properly. Thank you.



    yyyyyyyyyyeeessss, iiiii aaaagggrreeee

    The earth is having trouble supporting life now. Do you really think this planet will last very long if you live to be 500 years old?


    Hi clu. I don't know. But the people planning all this must have some ideas how humans will adjust. Speaking of adjusting, we haven't adjusted to all the technological developments that we already have.

    you make an interesting point, clu.

    Can't imagine, even if it worked coming back to a different world and knowing no one


    really feel out of place...worse than being a teenager ;D

    Bob I do agree.  I would love to see cures for these ailments and killers.  But I believe that is exactly the point.  Scientist are working all over the world to figure out how to stop these killer diseases and if they freeze my head they will come back and get me when they figure out a cure for what got me.  That tickles me. A head in the bed.  I think I'm in a good mood tonight. 


    .......AND IT'S CONTAGIOUS! (the good mood) :D

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