Sometimes I get Cheesed off!

    On Australia Day here honours are passed out to high achievers in the community.One of the honours is "Australian of the Year".This year the candidates wre the Morcombes,Parents of Danny,who was abducted & murdered 7 years ago.In the last 7 years the Morcombes have done outstanding work in the community to prevent this kind of thing happening to other kids. The other candidate was Geoffrey Rush.That's right,A bloody actor.Guess who got the award,Mr Rush of course. Not that I  think Mr rush isn;t a great actor.I think we missed an opportunity to honour & reward a couple of very,very deserving people.

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    Who is Geoffrey Rush l have not heard of him, but i amm a Pommie

    he is a very prominent Aussie actor.Has featured in quite a few Hollywood movies.His most outstanding performance was in "Shine"
    He played an autistic pianist.

    Right on Tommy Rush is not only a actor he is a millionaire BECAUSE of his acting.
    What has he actualy done outside his chosen profession that qualifies him for Australian of the Year?
    Morcombes were more deserving and in my humble opinion the woman who has fostered not one or two but two hundred children was even more deserving.

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    I agree with you.  Yes Geoffrey Rush is a brilliant actor and one of my favorites... but for goodness sakes... let the every day people have awards as well.

    Actors have the Emmys and the Oscars and streets, parks and dishes in restaurants named after them. 

    We have wonderful people over here fighting the same fight... Michael Dunahee... his parents have done important work after a loss that most could not even dream to overcome. ... and they are only the tip of the iceberg.

    I am sure that when these parents stand up to do something to prevent the same kind of loss and pain that they have experienced they don't think about being honored... but none the less ... I vote for the ordinary people awards. 

    You are right on with this.


    Your step brother no doubt has class. Those are the ones that we DON'T see "front and center" all the time, and when they accept their awards, they show some humility...the kind that you know you could sit down with and have a chat over coffee! (Can the three of us do that? haha)

    Actors/Actresses are so overrated....too bad your local heroes missed out!  Even if actors are great at their what?   When they all get together, for award shows and benefit dinners, they are constantly patting each other on the back......GAG ME!

    BTW....I go to, and enjoy, a fair number of movies....I just think that a lot of stars are way too self-absorbed.


    I have a step brother who is an actor and he's not all that bad. He has received a lot of awards... but not one that has competed against people who are so amazing as these. I know he wouldn't accept this particular award knowing the truth.

    I thought Father Chris O'Reily should have  had the award. Father Chris has done a lot of work for kids over the years. And I would not have minded if the Morcombes had won it.


    The kids are our future Eggy.Anyone who works for them deserves recognition.

    I have to agree with you Tommy. The award would have meant so much more had it been given to the proper people. 

    Well Tommyh  I fell I need to vote for you because of your passion...............{:D


    Thanks mate.As I said to Eggy,the kids are our future.We have to look out for them.

    Who gets to vote?


    Good question.I'll look it up & get back to you.

    Perhaps Geoffrey Rush is contributing to certain charities in your country? That is the only way he would desrerve to be honored on a day like that.

    Seems like no good deed good unpunished, shame on those who elated this actor to this achievment, here in america it's a way of life..

    Award?  Can I get an award?


    Course you can! what are you good at.LOL

    Oh my you have not guessed by now? LOL

    Never in your "Lifetime" Tommy no ordinary person on this Planet will ever get honoured doing good deeds to others .Only film Actors.They dress up gloat if they came from Mars Famous words "Do you know who I am" like that slim ball G.Clooney treats the media like dirt cant take a joke .Not all actors are like him some do a lot for charity  .all the best Tommy.   


    Slime ball George Clooney? Never heard of anyone who thought that!?

    sorry to say yes Ducka an interview with press one guy ask a good question and not the first "Clooney replied "who is that "idiot .nice if he wants to be, like nice things said to him.

    I DO know that Clooney has a very sarcastic sense of humor often calling his friends (Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts) names such as "unknowns" and is always pulling pranks on them and others. Oh dowsa...say it isn't so! :(

    Ducka .Your in "Love" It Was! maybe a one off .Your talking about three great actors good with the fans.Brad Matt Julia.So we will give him a chance to redeem himself."Hope we are still Friends.He might have a parting in his "hair,but I hope he is not "Parting US.

    Phheeeewwwwww!!!! Okay give Clooney another chance and I'll give you another chance. :)

    I totally agree, there are a dozen people that I think deserve this award for their service to the community, I'm afraid Geoffrey Rush would have been way down on my list

    That's very disappointing, Tommyh. but just the kind of thing that happens nowadays.  I am not familiar with Australia Day or Mr. Rush, but the info provided here the other day certainly suggests that the Morcombes were definitely a better choice. Did you find out who makes the determination of the winner yet or whether Rush actually did something to earn the recognition?

    Tommyh i get how you feel.  That's why I like some of the shows that gives us the lives of the everyday people.  Sometimes the movie stars are crammed down our throats with everything.  Honor the hard fighting working everyday person more.  You are so right.

    I agree. The decision seems so- American (in a bad/sad way) The couple should have received it.

    Agree but is there anything you can do?


    Me? No.And that's what pisses me off!

    Don't sweat the small stuff...

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