What is the worst fight you have ever been in? Who with? What was the damage?

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    HMS Sheffield v Argentinian Exocet missile.

    ....hand-to-hand combat at the United States Marine Corps boot camp

    ....fortunately, I held my own and survived 

    The worst fight I was ever in ended with a smashed in face (mine), I won't go into detail but it changed my life...

    It was a psychological duel with my parents' other child. The damage is that we do not speak, her spawn does not speak to me or my sons, and my sons do not speak to them, and, of course, I don't speak to her spawn. 

    I have also been "robbed" of items that were directed be given me by a judge.  I accept responsibility for my part of this tragedy, and would love for my sons to have pleasant relationships with them. I would also like the things that were stolen by their contempt of court. As far as reconciliation, I have less than 0 interest. 

    I was a kid [13] and was assaulted severely ... I did NOT want to fight against this particular perpetrator but eventually was forced to or I would likely have been murdered ... I ended up kicking her iunder the chin and knocking her out. My mother succeeded in stoving in my right skull and breaking my right mandible clean through as well as nearly breaking my neck. I suffer pain from this every day of my life. That is the night I left home. I forced a friend to re-set my jaw not knowing how badly it was hurt. 7 years later I was in such agony I wanted to die. I attempted to self-medicate with street heroin and hashish which really did not help at all. It was by sheer chance that I was steered to the right doctors who took another 7 years to help me re-set my jaw and reconstruct the side of my skull that had been stoved in. My neck has been horribly screwed and is horribly arthritic. I did not go to police as it was a time when kids were not taken seriously and I felt guilty about having her busted and my siblings ending up in foster care... so I went up to the tarsands [1972] and lied about my age saying I was 17 and scored a job working as a dishwasher at the Peter Pond hotel.

    So it wasn't really a fight, it was me being assaulted by my deranged mother. She beat the hell out of me with the telescopic connector for her electrolux vaccuum cleaner ... if you can believe that. It blows my mind to this day.


    you had a tough time Lindy,i use to box in the army but never got hurt that much,,

    I was on my own at such a young age Den... I ended up packing a weapon within a year.. a Colt 6 gun hand revolver. I also had a little snap-apart .22 semi-automatic small long rifle with 3 in the chamber and a 24 shot clip. And dogs. Big dogs.

    Dont blame you after what you went through,she should have been commited,,

    She was snapped. She had all kinds of stuff going on divorcing my dad and she literally snapped. Her eyes were glowing red. It was scary.
    Here's what happened ... a novella ...
    I had been invited to a sleepover 3 doors down where my friend-neighbour lived and her little cousin was visiting. The adults were having a bonfire party in the backyard while we 3 girlies were confined to the house where the mom had put one of the stereo speakers in the window so we could have a sock-hop. They were playing the music really loud.
    Unbeknownst to me .... my mother was up the street at our house getting in a stew about how loud the music was. I'll never forget... it was Creedence Clearwater Revival. I should mention here that the adults who were having the party were mostly members of a not so savoury crew of bikers known as the 'Rebels' and 2 of them were my little friend's brothers.
    So, my mother ends up coming over to the house I was at and freaking out about how loud it is and while she's doing this she suddenly just snapped! My friend's mom just stood there with her mouth hanging open while my mother grabbed me by my beautiful long hair and dragged me... yes dragged me because in my surprise I lost my footing.... so she dragged me by the hair across all the front lawns to her doorstep where she dropped me because I was making a strange noise as my neck was being nearly broken. She hoisted me up by my pants and pushed me into her house where she continued to assault me all the while screaming about them smoking weed! I had no idea what 'weed' was other than weeds in the garden so I thought she had completely lost her mind... which indeed she had.
    I finally got away when I knocked her out but I thought I'd killed her so I stayed long enough to revive her and when she came around she jumped up and called the cops!!! I buggered off out the front door and never looked back.

    That makes my childhood look halcyon in comparison and my childhood was a complete nightmare. :(

    A nightmare indeed Lindy,glad you came though it,what happen to your Mum after all this,??
    terryfossil 1

    Glad you came out the other side Lindi,,i guess we all have our stories,some worse than others,,those that do understand where you are coming from,you have done well..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    When all things look bad go kayaking.

    Lindi, I will be up in your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks. My daughter and I are spending a day kayaking in Cowichan Bay ... and shopping and eating vegetarian yummies. Yay for us!
    This time, I will spot a Sasquatch or an alien, whatever comes first :)

    Thanks all ... I am actually quite a tough chick as a result of it all ... stupid-fearless I guess... I mean after alla that what is there really to be afraid of ... that's why I can go after Sasquatch-Bigfoot ... fearless! Fishes you gals gotta watch the waterscape in the evening and you WILL see that UFO and listen for rock-tosses into the water and tree-knocks! whoop whoop!!

    Den me mudder is an old lady now and lives many hundreds of miles from me ... I talk to her on the phone ... never did sue her like my doctors wanted me to even though it cost me nearly 80 grand out of pocket to 'fix' my busted head.... I did forgive myself for not fighting back right away as I would have bested her with that karate kick roundhouse.

    You are one of a kind, LL. Very few would have survived the beating, let alone the streets. Where was Dad at this time?

    Bob my folks were freshly divorced and my dad was a road musician and dj... I finally ended up locating him and moving in with him when I was 17 ... I never did tell him what she'd done. I felt that he might go murder her for it. Believe ot or not I managed to bury the memory of it so deeply that it took my doctors several times of prompting and asking me to try to remember... when I did recall it after about 10 years .... I was mortified ... especially looking at my xrays... what a mess I was!

    That should never have happened to you. You have always been one I admired for your competence, on dependence, and "grit", but you've elevated to a whole new level.

    Thanks Bobby ... truth be known I could not bring myself to answer this question 4 years ago and recently decided that I really had to forgive the whole rotten situation as it was starting to take a bit of a toll on me. Every time I felt pain it would swoop me back to that situation and the emotional trauma of it has been much to bear so I had to force myself to stop my mind from drifting back there.... and religiously do it. I would catch myself associating pain with memory and have since 'un-trained' my mind. I feel much better now and am able to share honestly in my answer. Akaqa has become quite a therapy for me eh? LoL I love it!

    akaQA is a haven for some of us, and we've established some true friendships here. I trust most of you more than people I have actually met!

    Got into a punch up at a party,,lost badly,woke up the next day in a different house,no part of my head was not swollen, hair was matted in blood,i did not recognize myself in the mirror,,i have lost a few,but that one was the worst..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""

    Life not sure who is winning at the moment will have to let you know but I am giving it my best shot even though I am tired.

    A question a soldier doesn`t answer, her husband might still be looking for the culprit.

    Oh by the way when I was in the first grade got mad at a dumb boy beat him up and he ran all the way home.

    ever been enemy

    and fight himself    and death


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