Do you think Republicans should attach each other like Mitt R. and Nute G. are doing?

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    No, they need to spend more time addressing their own agendas and making sure the people CLEARLY know what the plans and ideas are. I would rather just hear them talk candidly as to how they would stop the downward spiral this nation is in right now. I tune out of debates when it gets down to just picking on each other.

    Jack Large

    The problem seems to be the media is more interested in asking "got ya" questions then asking them of their views on returning America to what if was before the Democrats took control of the Congress in 2006 and things started to go to hell.

    When Reagan was running for President, they did the same thing to try to destroy him, but he DID turn the county around and ended the national DISASTER that was Jimmy Carter.

    Today Obama is making Carter look like a good President

    You're right. The media is no help when they are only looking for sensationalism.

    I'm a republican and I don't attack anybody...........


    Must have the right side on my mind. I'm a democrat from way, way back.

    I don't ever like hearing people knocking each other down, it is frustrating because I can't do anything about it......

    Its the trademark of american politics. The Media loves it. Personally I think its demeaining and cant stand watching it.

    No, there are plenty of things they could by attacking Obama for so badly screwing up the county, why they attack each other seem to me  to be counter intuitive


    It does not matter. Four years after this question, we have a billionaire "winner" ready to run against one of the worst phonies in Washington.

    No one in his right mind would attach himself to either.

    Oh, nuts, you mean "attack" each, they should focus on the issues and their platforms; succeed on your merits, not on how well you can discredit your competition.

    The closer election gets the more mud slinging goes on I think to take people's minds off that they really have no agenda to help the people just get in office like the rest of the crooks.

    If either of those two MORONS get elected bend over and kiss your butt goodbye . They are never going to get elected to any thing  .Politics suck if lips are moving its a lie !


    bluesman i hope i don't have to kiss my butt goodbye.

    Tabber Newt ,Cheated on his wife, makes him a piece of crap in my book ,left congress in disgrace ,his whole life stacks up as worthless scum bag . Mitt is a religious wack job with a boat load of money . You dont get up one day and just forget you are a Mormon . That's a life long thing. On stage he is a putz !!!! body language says he should not be there .If anything he is as stupid as Bush at the pulpit . No hope if these guys are elected .

    Jack L, if you think the President has screwed things up just elect one of those dick heads and see what screwed up is .


    i don't want a dick head for president.

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