If you live to be over 90, what do you think you will be doing at that age?

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    Potters live long lives and we pot until the very last day... the one thing we hope for is that we die doing the thing we love... I will pot until my very last day.  (Well ... I have to... I took the oath).


    Pot away dear fishy!

    I (state your name)...

    I, KayCee Honoria Jasmine Marina Conchita Zahara Bonita Felicia Daisy Poppy Lily Rhonda Brittney Alicia Tiffany Keisha Gloria Maria-Louisa-Sophia Pearl Gladys Starla Mimosa Eclecta Garbonzo-Fishlet, do solemly swear ... Thump (I just fell over with exhaustion).

    Fishy...Fishy...wake up...the pots await!

    Wow, those must've been some indecisive parents haha.

    I am named after my Aunts.

    haha I ha(d)ve 5 aunts.

    You are a lucky man. :) I have one left and she is an angel on earth.

    Answering questions here on akaQA!    ("I'm real sorry, sonny, but right now, I just can't seem to remember my name or how I question, dear".)

    SHHHH! peoplelover might be listening & he's closer to it than most of us.

    Don't know what I'll be doing.Probably boring people to death with tall tales & true about my strange & eventful life.


    Count me in as one in the audience!

    You will be welcomed,but I don't think I'll make the distance.LOL

    I heard that Tommy you sod.
    On my 90th I will be doing is the same as on the 29th of Feb next (jot that down everybody 29th Feb PL turns 80) I will be celebrating hoping to be shot by a jealous lover at 95.

    PEOPLELOVER the way you are carrying on you will be shot by a jealouse lover!!!!! haaaa oxoxoxxoxo Im watching you!

    tabber if anyone is lucky to live that age with all your grey matters intacked and you can walk then great but if you are sick and lost the plot and cant walk and need caring then no its time to say goodbye to the world


    Umbriel thank you x

    I guess I'll still be writing and typing and I'll still be on this site...

    Probably chasing the eligible bachelorettes around the nursing home, if I'm still single.


    there you go!

    Most likely sitting at the mall and tripping people with my cane just for the heck of it.


    LOL!!!!!!!!!! :) What a sweetheart!

    Yeah that would be me ......

    rebel til the end huh.

    You bet your sweet bippy LOL

    everything I've been doing  throughout my entire life except going to work for pay



    Looking forward to the next ten years, got to be a lot going on in the future and some will be worth seeing.

    Wondering if I finally have a chance with ladies 20 years younger than I am!


    You will if you have 'boy charm'. It last forever.

    I would be BREATHING !!       {:D

    Hard to tell. It all depends on my heath at that age.

    As long as i have my faculties and good health, that's all i worry about, i have to get there first.

    Let Me Die a Young Man's Death    Roger Mc Gough 1937 -

    Let me die a young man's death,

    Not a clean and in-between the sheets holy water death

    Not a famous- last- words  peaceful out of breath death

    When i'm 73 and in constant good tumour

    May I be mown down at dawn by  a bright red sports car

    on my way home from an allnight party.

    Or when i'm 91 with silver hair

    and sitting in a barber's chair

    may rival gangsters

    with hamfisted tommyguns burst in

    and give me a short back and insides.

    Or when I'm 101

    and banned from the Cavern

    May my mistress

    catching me in bed with her daughter

    and fearing for her son

    Cut me up into little pieces

    and throw away every piece but one.

    Let me die a young man's death

    Not a free from sin tiptoe in

    Candlewax and waning death

    Not a curtains drawn by angels borne

    'What a nice way to go' death.                                                                                  

    probably very little, by then I hopefully have achieved what I want and can spend my time relaxing and reflecting on fond memories

    Pole-dancing, of course!


    Can I watch?

    Forgetting what I said five minutes earlier.


    Well, of course. You and the doots. Although it will be's not too attractive NOW! But you won't remember any of it, so sit in the front row! :D

    I've been told that most men even at age 90+ have sexual desires or at least interest.  But as George Burns said when asked about chasing his pretty lady friends

      well ya know dogs chase  cars but they can't drive

    So Bob if you're going to have a pole dance party, at age 90, count me in.

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