if a tree falls down in the forest and there is no one around to hear it will it make a sound

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    Yes.  I just asked Jimmy the squirrel... He say's it's really really loud especially when Walter the tree came tumbling down on top of my pottery shed... Seriously loud.


    Jimmy might want to move , his tree might be next...{:D

    Jimmy will be moving in the spring... all of Walter's still standing family members are scheduled to be torn down. Jimmy can move into my yard.

    Jimmy's pals {Louie the skunk, Monty the cardinal, and Finona the deer} completely agree as do all of Romos' fleas!!!

    Zingo the racoon and his wife Imelda are moving in below the kiln shed... Jimmy (who is a large fan of Green Day) is moving into the playhouse and the rest is yet to come... it's all based upon Jimmy!
    Fiona gave up on this space 18 months ago... she was and is so sweet. I miss her. I welcomed her and her cousins when they ate my roses. I grew more because I love them ... sadly, they are gone........ Breaks my fishy heart.
    The fleas... won't come anywhere near here as I GROW what they don't like in a very large way... this is a flea free zone! Long live the citrus based plants!

    Don't forget billy the beaver he's concerned as well..

    Good old Billy.



    well its a trick question

    It's a REALLY, REALLY old question too!

    What an old question but at least it's not "what came first, the chicken or the egg"............


    ...AGAIN!!! lol

    It is all about the egg... Hail Hail the EGGGGGG!

    just because YOU didnt hear it doesnt mean no one else did!

    Yes, it doesn't require ears for a sound to be made.

    of course they will make a noise

    you people make some funny answers i know its a old one my 95 year old granddad even told peaple he knew that are dead that one i just wanted to see if people would answer it thats all



    Oh yeah...we're very happy to answer all kinds of silly questions! :)

    Probably just the logging crew..

    If you clap in the forest, witl anyone hear it?

    yep,but if your not there and somewhere else you probably wouldn't hear it, there is a rooster that drives me nuts, but guess what. when I'm not home I don;t hear it either! but I'm sure it still crows

    I would have to say yes, unless it's a rubber tree. Then it would just do a lot of bouncing, and you would more hear the rustling of the bushes it kept falling on!

    Just because you don't hear or see it, Don't mean it ain't there, It like the vision spectrum you are limited to what you can see, that don't mean there nothing there cause of  limited of sight. It the same for your hearing.Are limits in this world are small in compare to the spectrum.Also our limits of brain power, or should I say intelligent.

    Yes just like if you yell someone will hear it probably won't help you but they will hear it.

    @grayreaper  have you learned anything... we will answer...{:D

    If no one is around how do you know the tree fell.?


    Excellent !!!!!

    No, there would be no sound if a very fast low flying jet went over it at the same time it was falling down.

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