what did cave men do all day

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    They did not normally live beyond 35 years, so their time was taken up with hunter/gathering, having sex and keeping themselves warm and dry.


    Many men would gladly walk a mile in these cave people's moccasins, especially your description of having unlimited sex and dropping dead at 35.

    Maybe unlimited sex was the reason they died at 35.

    Hunting, Gathering, Eating, Napping, Going to the Bathroom, Moisturizing Dry Skin, Birds and Beeing, Wondering Why the Sky is Falling and Planning Their Short but Sweet Futures.


    ....noticed fishing was not mentioned.

    ..... sshhhhhhh.... don't give anyone any ideas.

    .... I know nothing, I see nothing, I say noooothing

    "Grunting with a big club in there hands .Is that how baseball started maybe cricket?


    that's funny!

    Gathered food and tried making fire............

    They invented Graffitti duabing walls

    Hunted food I imagine. 



    woman such bullies

    hunting, fighting, eating, fruit gathering, love making, drinking water, chating, arguing, sleeping...


    Nothing ever changes eh?..KOTF.

    not much, mostly the tools :)

    They drew pictures on the cave walls laughing that the people in the future would call it "cave art" when all it was was graffitti.

    I'm sure they made insurance commercials..


    This answer COMPARES very well.

    Walking I'm sure, they did have to walk to the grocery store you know.


    What about when they invented the wheel, some one must have thought of the taxi.

    In regards to the idea of taxis, they had to wait until the invention of paper, so that the not yet formed governments could establish licensing and figuratively sucking the life out of those licensed by them.
    Headless Man

    yes, and had to find a way to make a fuel that could be taxed too.

    The caught fish, and ate them . 


    As fry!

    not fried, raw...

    My ancient cousins ... le' weep.

    Perhaps the greatest exertion of a caveman’s week would be directed toward obtaining food. Yet researchers have found that hunting and gathering activities—the main work of nomadic clans—did not consume nearly as much of cavemen’s time as we might think.

    According to Gary and Rain Klepper of Beck Natural Medicine University , Paleolithic groups of people worked together in their hunting and gathering tasks. To get enough food to eat, their “subsistence time” averaged roughly six hours a day, two days a week.

    How hard would life have been if cavemen had been forced to hunt eight hours a day five days a week? They would have been tired all of the time—probably totally exhausted—much like their modern counterparts.

    For cavemen, everything that led up to a hunt was preparation. Our ancestors probably spent a couple of hours a week preparing their spears. They had practice spears and spears for the hunt, all of which had to be sharp.

    It’s also likely that they spent time pretending and practicing for hunts. This might be the time that the grown men involved the boys of a certain age in the training.

    It was work, sure, but it was fun work—which boils down to what we like to call “play.” Imagine the pouncing, sneaking and throwing that went on. There was laughter, healthy competition and lots of learning.

    Another tradition of ancient people was storytelling. Some might argue that relating stories isn’t working, but in their way it was a form of education.

    They would be handing down techniques, methods, cautions and insights. This was how the cavemen did a lot of their teaching—a very enjoyable form of work.

    So our idea of working 40 hours a week would be very different from theirs. Their lives included no clock punching, no hourly wages and no paychecks, but they still got the job done. And no matter how they measured time spent working, it’s a good bet their lives were quite full 24/7.




    Ahhh the internet, tis a wonderful invention, luv it and you to bits...KOTF.

    ROMOS I love it too and you of course!!! oxoxox

    From what I have read, they played a lot of pinochle and drank a lot of beer. 


    They also invented the doughnut shaped Doot with a hole in the center of it, which ultimately lead to the invention of the radial Doot.

    AND,,,,they often collected WILD doots to roast with their marshmallows! (This is after fire was discovered, of course) That's the beauty of the versatile!

    Same thing they do today.  Try to figure out how to have sex with the women.  And how to keep the predators at bay.  How to get a good night's sleep so they could shop for food the next day. (that's a poem).  Of course their shopping was hunting and gathering food.  Oh yeah and figuring out how to light a fire and roll a wheel.

    Probably drew on the wall with those dang crayons that Ducky has I cannot imagine them doing anything really imaginative.


    I'm not really as old as the cavemen...I wasn't there handing out those crayons!

    NO NO that is not what I meant I just meant they probably would have.....

    Cave women! How do you think you got here?

    anamials were a lot more abundant back then  so hunting may not have been so  hard, as we think it might have been.   I'd think maybe they had a large honey do list  to do as well as hunting for food

    I do not know, I never meet one {:D


    You wouldn't lie to us would you? haha

    I am sure I have not meet one. I have not been in a man cave yet {:D

    Tipped back in a recliner, beer & munchies in hand, watching the superbowl.  MAN CAVE


    The women sat in the other room tapping on their computers


    I reckon they did the basic ingreidents (Eat Drink and be merry)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<,,


    Entertained aspirations of becoming tunnelers.

    Looked for something to eat in the fridge.

    Played minecraft.


    And, Pokémon Go.


    ....after hunting/gathering, they dreamed of a recliner, tv and remote control.

    ....also, matches and toilet paper 

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