I have noticed an enlargement of my right testicule,no pain or interference with urinating or eyaculating,what could it be?

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    It can be caused by straining or lifting something the wrong way.It's usually temporary.Don't get too excited about it but do see your doctor asap.

    Not to panic you but, my dad had the same problem and it turned out to be cancer. Have it checked by a doctor............

    We are not Doctors on this site I am concerned that you really do need to see a Doctor Urgent please

    Testicular cancer is common in young men. You have noticed that changes have happened, so do as above and see a Dr ASAP.

    Do not even question what it May be - good that you have spotted it. As everyone says go to the Doctor as soon as possible. No speculation needed here. ( although as a consolation it does not need to be sinister.)My brother has one which he didn't mention for a while and it turned out OK. Good luck with this.

    ""A thought"" maybe it could be hernia??I would see a doctor ASAP please..... As My Friend had prostate Cancer and did not get ANY Symptoms at all....

    please get Medical Attention ASAP and within this I would recommend THREE opinions off 3 different Doctors

    I learnt my lesson listening to Doctors,while giving birth to my 2nd baby which left me with over 13 operations because they ""rushed""

    im sure you will be fine Pop on the phone to make App: with Dr ASAP,this way it will ease your mind aswell

    hernia is from heavy lifting As someone has replied you too......wishing you the best of health



    Hi brydee, welcome to akaQA. It's always nice to see and meet new volunteers/members. I see you're an Aussie. We do love our Aussies here. Watch for Peoplelover, Tommyh, Pythonlover,Eggplant > she had to give her chooks away :( Bulletman, and I can't think of the others and I'm sure they will get upset with me, lol but all named are Aussies. You have quite the little farm going on your place. I bet they all keep you busy!

    Hey Brydee,you're an Aussie! Where from?

    I am in NSW the Mid N Coast of Aussie:))

    Anything ab-i-normal in that department requires a doctor's advise.

    Good Luck.

    probably a cyst.


    yeah so right zorro.

    never know  lol he should just make a appointment I am sure he knows what he is doing though

    TY lol

    IT COULD BE time to make an appointment with your physician.  

    show it to your doctor

    Truthfully that is TMI.  Go to the doctor.

    yes this is a VERY PERSONAL *thing* u r talking about on this site do u realise this???

    There is ALOT of WOMEN on this site so please have some respect for others and think before you write such a thing

    Thank You


    As long as they keep it clean and ask a legitimate medical help question, it is allowed. The ejac was not necessary but it was spelled wrong which is why I left the question. We do have concern for the kids here. akaQA is a multi-topic help site. For the medical ones, we mainly suggest seeing a doctor. The guys here have to put up with "female issues" ; )

    yes true Colleen
    TYou 4 informing me
    NOW I KNOW lol
    And I am sorry to the Guy,just pop on the phone and make appointment you may get in to see doctor on Monday/Tuesday

    As a woman. I do not have any worries about this question, its normal.Its a pity as adults, we are controlled by children here.

    brydee--- and children look at these sites too.

    TY very much Colleen :)))


    brydee, when you want to reply back to a person, use the "comment this answer" link where you need to reply back instead of posting a answer using the "post new answer" box.

    oh ok TYou very much Colleen:))))I am learning slowly lol better than not at all though:))
    TY for your advice,I will make sure I dont make the same mistake://

    No problem. You're new. You'll catch on quick. ;)

    TYou as I found the deleting area:))))

    Its great to know that there is nice,honest,genuine people on here as its very hard to find online or in society these days,I am VERY happy I found AKAqa its the BEST.

    I have the cider vinegar now but have forgot how to use it for my mouth:((((I will look around onsite for it:)))
    Tyou Everyone 

    could be an inflammation , or an infection. But they only way you'll find out is by seeing your Dr. Also, it could be a glandular problem, or even a lymph node problem. Is it a hard lump or just a swelling ?

    As you have seen by now,  please see a Doctor    ASAP !!  And as mention before maybe a second or more Doctor if it is more than treatable  at that time......{:D

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