Has anyone but me had a depiction of Christ on the cross come up on their screen when clicking on to a members question?

    I have had this several times and only on this aka site.

    The only way you can get out of it is by clicking a "This is a good site box" or "No I do not want to sin" box There is no cancellation spot and if you try shutting your screen down you can`t.

    The only other option is to disconnect the power to the computor.


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    PL, i haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary.

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    I haven't had a problem like that.  When I post an answer the screen bounces back up to the top (always has) and that is annoying when there are dozens of responses and you want to continue reading down the page.


    Same here, thought it was normal,what do I know eh?..KOTF.

    Yeah, "normal" us??? lol

    Yes, very frustrating and time-consuming. Also, sometimes I give a TU to one answer and it posts to a different answer that I did not want to TU. I've also TU & Thanked repeatedly because the option continues to be available (no extra points, but did it register?) I've addressed these with admin; they are working on it.

    @Bob/PKB...same problems here...thought it was my imagination at first but then realized that someone had a TU from me, and I hadn't even read their response yet! I also have the problem with the TU appearing again and again, as though I had not done it yet.

    I haven't but I do have the bouncing screen syndrome and a brand new tool bar x 12... THE ALIENS HAVE LANDED!

    ... You are receiving a better message than I. 

    ... I had better work harder.

    ... this bold thing doesn't want to go away either.....

    I have not seen this.

    No, it has not happened to me. Wait and see if it is happening to other members too. If not, then I find that very odd.

    I haven't had it. Maybe the Christian block have hijacked the site. Colleen will know what to do.


    Colleen will love it if Aka has become a born again christian site. lol.

    It would be right up her alley...

    Maybe if you pray hard enough it will go away.

    Sounds like you have a virus or bug in your computer. Run a deep scan with a good virus catcher like malwarebytes (use the green download button) . What you're seeing is not coming from this site. I'll forward this page to the developers to read anyway. 


    I think it is his internet provider, a radical Christian religious person who thinks it imperative to separate sheep from wolves in the local flock of true believers and drive out the local sinners. What group would that be that has recently taken interest locally in converting everyone locally?

    He's in Australia. I thought the Muslims were taking over there.

    I think i saw the same episode on "the X Files"

    Oh, neat a sign from

    I haven’t seen anything unusual

    Yes .Psychic man It was my mother-in-law .Got stuck on her broomstick .Trying to give me TD Ok Peoplelove .thought you change your name? .See we like your name .I think someone is "Cross" with you .


    A little spray silicone on your mother-in-law's broomstick and she'll be fine! Happens all the time. Maybe she's due for a trade in! LOL

    Are you "Trading .Say yes and you can her for "Nothing.Hee

    Maybe God is trying to tell you something.....

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