why are so many of the military * coming back to find" NO JOBS" NO MONEY" NO HELP?

    we'  the GOVERNMENT"  I say we" because we let this continue to go on and on?,,,  these men and woman', are  molded  to fight" and to survive"  in a 24-7 high alert status'. Yet then expected"  to come back home' and to just simply be the same' as be for they left? like poof nothing ever happened?,,,  So the orders' they carried out' was justified! ,,,, and will oh" there a live"  yet so many are left there" dead!,,,  there friends'  there brothers"  there family! . WILL OUR DEAR GOVERNMENT"    the human brain" and  human emotions" does not work that way'  F Y I HELLOOOOOOO!!!!!  OUR GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO MAKE THIS RIGHT!  THEY FIGHT" THEY LIVE" ,,, WHEN THEY COME HOME" THEY SHOULD HAVE NO WORRIES!  THEY SHOULD HAVE FOR EVER MEDICAL" AND A FOREVER INCOME! and then try to heal"  take vacations with there family's"  as you'  do"   Our Government Gives so much to other country's! Yet Not To Our Own!!! WHY?

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    I couldn' t answer your question. Things are just sooo unfair. I do want to say that you have an extraordinary cat, dianasfrere.

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    Nothing changes!

    I live in a town that has the highest unemployment rate in the U.S. Hoo Ray for Fresno, CA.  It's late. I just thought I'd pass that on. 

    To answer the first part of your question regarding jobs : There simply arent any  and now those who have been looking must go to the back of the line to make room for the vets . Thats not going to make many people happy .Jobs are wrong thinking period !!!!!!! What you want is training and financing to start your own business for every vet with a business maybe 20 more go to work . This is correct thinking and you are self sufficient as well . I dont have a answer for the medical ,no one should have to go without care . Fact is we as a country are drowning the ship is going down and a lot more people just got on board . So what do we do ???  I believe in housing perks  and food co-ops but then you already shop on base if you are close ,does it get cheaper than that ? There should be a branch of the military that has as a mission the transition from military to civilian what ever it takes ,complete and seamless.  Thank You for your service !!!! I wish there was more positive I could say ,as one person I am powerless .                   Bill

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