Is life over at the age of 65, certainly seems so? Encouragement from anyone?

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    I think it dosnt matter life at any age is what you make it!

    'Strewth.I bloody hope not!  That means I only have 1 year to live.


    Hey you think you have problems Tommy, I have been dead for 15 years.
    Stone the crows I thought it was just my deoderant wasn`t working.
    "Hello funeral palour? I want to arrange a cremation for immediately"

    PPL.,Sorry. This is too funny!

    It looks like it won't be long before they are patting me on the face with a shovel.So I'll see you up there PL.Or will that be down there?

    I can't see where many have any interests, you know, music, racing or monster trucks. Anything !!

    If you worked all your life and are now retired it can certainly seem so. We all need a purpose in life,  no matter how old we are. If you are physicially fit, get a part time job. Get involved in charities. Also strong family support will make all the difference in the world. Its not the age that matters, I knew a man who started his own buiness at age 68 and trired at age 88. He also started to paint at age 65 and sold many of his pictures.  Start thinking positive and positive things will happen.

    You are kidding of course. Life is only over when you are dead.


    well-said, my purple pal!

    Look at Helen Mirren's picture and tell me....  I personally think she's gorgeous, for any age, let alone 60's!


    Heck no its not Huh!!!   what in the world is wrong with you,   how could you say such a thing about  65 yr. old youngens.


    I went to chat rooms for 50 & older, no life in there, no interests. What happened to living?

    At age 65, having a negative attitude, you might  think that life is over.  But guess age 25, having a negative attitude, you would also think that life is over!  With so many people living to the age of 100 these days, do you think that there could be something wrong with your attitude towards life? Now is the time to try something new...get busy...TODAY!!!

    Not from what I see and hear.......

    Age is a state of mind think old you will be old think young you will be young.

    That is except for me, I think young and I be playing with my wee wee.

    Make 2 good friends and your life will be full, fun, and not over !

    You have the experiences of life behind you, learned a lot, bin ther dun that, use these to enhance your here now future.  And listen to the other knotheads here !


    I resemble that !!!!!!

    They say life begins a forty so i'd sa your only 25, which means you got your whole life ahead of you..

    At 65 there is clarity ,clearness, and the ability to say almost anything you want and not risk getting punched. Lots of lifes mysteries are no longer mysteries and you know the value of simple words ,such as ,lover ,friend ,sweetheart ,confidant . Clarity tells you all the stuff you have aint going with you and in reality health and no pain are all that matters . There is still a bunch of time to fill in the credits and get some things done . Find a cause and jump in with out regard enjoy . Laugh until you cry a few times . Dance like no one is watching and try a 100 new things . Never surrender !!!! Take a page from Gabriel Gifford s play book you have little to be down about . Ill bet my last dollar she will be back in Congress one day and run unopposed with the largest election vote total in history  . Mark my words thats one tough lady with more class and dignity than half the world .  65 aint nothing but a number trust me !!!!! Now go have some fun !!!!


    Gabriel Gifford...what an amazing woman...she has worked soooo hard to come back!

    Ducka I agree she is class to the bone ,not a drop of quit in her .

    real life begins at 65 if you stop being preocupied with your age

    Hope not, or I'm not hear. Lifes what you make it ,just live it.

    My Mother-In-Law always said when she reached the age of 18 she never felt older than that ever again!  I'll always remember her for her great wisdom and zeal for life. And I too, hope I never feel older than 18! Care to join me in that theory?

    Life Is What You Make It (That's a song and my belief)

    I have a little friend, age 4,  who thinks the lyrics go LIFE IS WATCHING NAKED. 

    Like you have heard here from all these cool folks, life is not over at 65. The whole decade of my 40's was pretty depressing, but when I reached 50, I felt invigorated. Now that 60 is just around the corner, I'm starting to feel old...just the number, not myself. I plan to be a healthy 100 in 40 years.
    If you have the interests you said those chat room fogies DON'T have, embrace them and keep on monster truckin', etc.    
    There may be senior activities groups in your area, and there are "meetup" type groups that have widely varied interests.  
    65 IS a milestone, of get senior discounts on EVERYTHING!  Yippee. 

    Chicagoan Olivia Neubauer soon to be 100 year old started teaching in 1935. Today she teaches at Ashburn Lutheran School on West 83rd Street. When her son asked her when will she stop, she answered that only the Lord will tell her when to quit.


    Thank you all for your encouragement. I have talked in chat rooms to people 50 & older. They don't seem to have any interests, you know like music, racing or monster trucks, anything. It has discouraged me & I wonder if the any people who still want to live?


    50? Are you kidding? You are hanging in the wrong crowd!!! Find something to do and run away from them! You need to get out more!

    Nope probably will still be here annoying everyone.

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