Anybody like the blues ,zydeco ? I have a radio station on line at called "Buckwheat Zydeco" plays 24-7 You can do this too its free,just sign up easy and fun !!!!! After this you will know what it sounds like at the Bluesman's house . Take a listen and tell me what you think.Not every one likes it all ,but I hope some will like this . The Bluesman .


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    Just as an additional note bluesman..A few years ago, in the days of cassette tapes, I had one by "Keb Mo" and another by "Robert Cray". No one had ever heard of them but I really enjoyed those artists! I think they went away with my cassette tape player. Thanks for the reminder of those great musicians!

    Ducka I have always been mystified as to why crap music makes it to the top and gets noticed and really good stuff does not. I am amazed at the garbage bands that make it on to late night TV shows. I have always said : If you could throw a party and invite any musician there was living or dead with no regard to cost who would be at your party ? The answer to that question is those I have chosen for this radio station ,and I look for more all the time . That was a nice invite I made ,you can see here by the amount of response how many were interested enough to go listen . Maybe that s why the junk music survives. Ducka thanks for taking the time . I hope you enjoyed and will continue to listen and see the improvements I make to my radio station . Thanks I hope your efforts are rewarded with hours of good listening pleasure . Bill

    Oh agreed for sure re: crap music on late night...especially if the bands are from the area of the show (i.e. New York/LA.) I often wonder WHO ON EARTH chooses the nightly entertainment...I guess they come cheap but you would think that they would snag a good one, at least, once in a while! You said, "my radio station"? Tell me more.

    Ducka, Jango is a free service you sign up do the profile thing ,name your station and start choosing music from the library . Choose the frequency of play and wait for feed back . Artists send me stuff all the time and ask if Ill play it on my station . People make suggestions for their favourites and give a heads up if they dont like something . Other station people send mail and friend requests ,there's fan mail as well . I picked every song heard on "Buckwheat Zydeco " So I have control of all music and how often it plays ,guess that makes it my station . Its great fun and there are competitions and friendly rivalries for best station . I have seen some get awards for a big audience listening . If you like music its great fun and free what more can be asked . I have long haul truckers write and say they enjoyed passing the miles with my station . That feels real good . Takes a bunch of work and I try to add new artists all the time to keep it fresh. I like to work to the music and hope others do to. Maybe its even the source of a few late night college party's ,who knows .

    Ducka Some new artists make there debut on jango so the news letter always has new groups for consideration . You just go listen and if you like start playing them . I get letters from the bands thanking me for playing their stuff. They also promote my station in their adds . Huge traffic and the sponsors sell add space and money is made and on we go . Listeners do the word of mouth thing with email . I have listeners in Africa ,Brazil,USA,and the UK ,not bad for a amateur radio person . You should try !!!!!! All my best Bill

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    I found jango, and I'm listening to Buckwheat Zydeco as I type.  Yes I like Zydeco.  I first heard it about 7 or 8 years ago (on TV) and really enjoyed it.  Very few people seem to be familiar with it.  Looks like a good radio station.

    And love.....Keb Mo!!!


    Thanks for checking it out . I am grateful ,something about this music just touches me . We dance to the slower stuff with what we call the slow drag blues. Just a double time version of dirty dancing, its super hot with a good partner . Hope you will enjoy . The Bluesman

    Hi bluesman!  My mom loves the blues. She's more into the soul or Chicago blues.  I think she would like some of the songs from your station.  I know this site. It's a great online radio station.

    Who is your favorite artist or artists? My mom's are:

    Muddy Waters

    Mighty Joe Young

    Eric Clapton

    B.B. King

    Albert King

    These are the five that I know she likes.  


    All of these are good ,I know them . Tell your mom on you tube look at "Walter Trout " (Dust My Broom ) Omar and the Howlers and "Black Cat Bone " Imela Mae "Proud and Humble" A French artist Alizee "La Isla Bonita " Anna Popovick "How Did You Learn To Shake It like That"?Please tell your mom she has good taste in music. I hope she enjoys mine . This assembly of music is totally my choice all of it . Hope you enjoy . Bill

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