what is your most treasured possession?

    mine is an old crocheted blanket my great grand mother made

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    Does it bring memories of her? Or do you like it because of its age and/or beauty?

    I must admit it's not the most attractive thing,it was made out of scraps of wool she had, she wouldn't waste anything, I treasure the time it took her to make it

    Re: War will LOVE's a very "happy kind of sad" has an absolutely wonderful ending!!!

    22 Answers

    My soul it's been with me forever..

    My cats and my piano, both keep me sane.

    mine ar my cats then my watch my dad bought for me before he died


    melandrupert, as you mentioned your cats, may I ask about Harvey, as I was off line for a while ?

    Dollybird thank you for asking about our Harvey he is really doing well back to his old selve eatinf far too much but hey what can I do but he is on diet food for hi bladder so they help him to get rid of stones forming! it was touch and go and we had decided that the last treatment was going to be the end even the vet said this will be the last one! and after the treatment of emptying his bladder he was fine and I really do think it was everyone on the site helped with there preyers and thoughts that helped him thanks again for asking oxoxox



    Hi, Ann. This was the first answer that came to my mind, as well. Those are priceless! Have a happy day.

    A photo of my loving mother the picture has got her in the image I always see .Soft smile tenderness in her eyes .silver hair I have the same her hair is "Wavy mine curly don't know how that came about " Maybe when I came into the "world opened my eyes to quickly a mirror was in front of me I must have taken fright .Mirror cracked as well "Curly hair." 

    As far as material possessions, the photos I have of my children are my most treasured possessions.  They stimulate memories, which Ann responded as her answer, and I agree with her.

    Mine is not a thing but my capably to love God, family, friends, pets, etc.

    my health

    My emergency survival kits/packs etc.


    do they include gin???lol

    Your right I do have a few things more to go.

    My pictures of my son.........

    my health


    your very fortunate

    I'd like to say my kids but they aren't mine to possess. If one could possess time I would say the time with my kids and parents. I'm not sure it's an actual possession that I can say I treasure.


    I think it’s good when you wrote “I’d like to say my kids but they aren’t mine to possess.”

    mine ar my cats then my watch my dad bought for me before he died

    My most treasured possessions are my paintings.


    do you paint?

    I paint mirror frames ... Well, I used to. I kinda don't paint anymore. Everyday I wake up and say ... "Today I paint" I don't.

    First, God, then my cats, and third my Dolls.which I have collected over the years.


    dollybird, what sort of dolls are they? a friend collects porcelain dolls, beautiful!

    Hi lambshank, I have about 10 porcelain Dolls,, but mainly souvenir Dolls, as I love their traditional dress. Some countries have more than one traditional dress. In all I have at least 250 Dolls, never really counted them.

    babar mahmood



    That was going to be my answer. Shucks.

    Hello Babar.
    Curious, I have always wanted to say that!
    Great Name.

    barbar mahmood! Great!

    An old box of my grandmothers pretty hankies. They used to smell of her perfume but over the years that has dissipated, although they still make me remember her fondly.


    nice to have things that bring back fond memories, that's how I feel about the blanket

    My faith

    My family and my Relationship with GOD !!  {:D

    Old photographs of people who have been/are in my life....some have passed....some moved far away...some who went in a different direction....some whom I still see but are looking very different...


    I also love old photo's, even have a few old drawings my children did many moons ago

    Oliver of course.


    I love my puss too, also Oliver

    I love my cat too. I can't really posess her though. Her name is Peeve.
    Pet Peeve. Her name is a joke but she doesn't know.

    My heart, its been broken before.

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