If you could be one age forever, what age would that be?

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    i love the 30's too.

    36 years old love that age did all the foolish things before that and finely grew up at 36


    that's my favorite age too. That's when i felt the best in my life and had big fun along with it.

    tabber thanks I had read alot of answers an it seemed that the 30s got the most votes wierd a oxoxoxo

    Mid thirtys is an enjoyable age, still have your looks and energy, and hopefuly enough sence to not make too many mistakes again. Mind you I've made a few since then.

    40. Young enough for life and old enough for respect................



    My husband published birthday greetings and my photograph in our local newspaper when I turned 40. OMG! It almost caused a divorce. I thought 40 was THE END. ( Actually he had my very cute baby picture published. Of course I thought everyone would know it twas me.)

    No one knew.

    Mid 30s. Full of energy and life.

    For me twenty five would do it...

    Lucky seven. great days "world was my oyster playing football with my friends .Dad taken me to all sports games also fishing going shopping with Mum and my big Sister No TV just Radio .Great shows comedy drama .Coal fire burning lights out great in the "Winter nights looking out of the "Window watching the snow falling .Then Summer time "Ah Sailing down the river Clyde on the Waverley Paddle steamer .Different colour of green hills Blue sky .You know folks I would give all the Tea in China just to go back in time for one hour.


    I enjoyed reading this, dowsa. I went right to Lucky Seven.

    Thank you itsmee .I still "dream of those great days No wars peace people getting on with each other and helping ,cant say today"s like that

    45...a little bit wise....still lots of energy....self-sufficient

    27. Fearless and in my physical prime. Wish I knew it at the time. 


    I've been told by a man that guys think they are immortal until they hit 40 or so; then the truth comes down on them hard. ??

    Bob: what truth are u referring to? imortally?



    That's the same age I'll say (24)felt so good at that age,just got done doing some very bad years and felt so alive...good age for me...

    Looking through the years behind me and thinking of the ones ahead, I don't see myself getting any better, except in bowling.  I could do that if I were 33-34 again, when I was probably at my most healthy physically; I was pretty much together mentally and emotionally, too.  And spiritually!  Yep, 33-34.  (Could I still get married and have my kids?)


    Yes you could...I just made up the rule for ya'. :)

    You never let me down, Ducky! :D

    Twenty five, with not a care in world.

    24,felt so alive and ready to tackle life...


    You can have that again Rick and I say no more.

    25 ...when I just discovered what it felt like to be in love and to fall in love for the very first time, bitter sweet love, fresh and young, full of energy, full of hope/life, had many unrealistic goals to achieve.


    I love this pej.

    I'll just go with my current age.  It's fine with me since I am in good enough health and financially more stable than I was when I was younger.

    21, being, I've been holding that age forever.


    So, you're well practised! :)

    Yea, I just change the Year of Birth since.


    Early thirties, the kids were old enough to allow me to do the things I enjoyed, I was a fireman and loved it, lots of commeraderie, I also was in the Army and had a fantastic social life, I was also young enough to keep up with uni studies, makes me tired thinking of it now!

    22 in the army and loving it.

    I spent the entire last week end  with my entire family that included my soon to be 13 year old granddaughter, 9 year old tween grandsons and 3 year old granddaughter...

    My new answer is: 3!



    i hear you dude.

    One age forever? I would say 5 years old because everything is new, exciting, and full of mystery and all the wonders of the world are possible.


    no way, I was five when (they) separated me from my parents/family, and were forced to labor from the crack of dawn to late am w/ little rament food to eat. It was a nightmare for a 5 yo girl to live!

    “I don’t see myself getting better at anything, except in bowling”  : D  


    Some moons ago, I had a bowling handicap of 5.

    Bowling is good, its mee. There's lot of stuff worse than that!

    It’s just cute and great exercise.

    we should get better as we aged


    hmm.....I think I would like to be 11 forever, still a kid, but you can also do some grown up stuff, but you also get to play around

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