I'm trying to put a date to some old family photo's I have one with my great gran sitting on an old motor bike reg. no. RM 4577 is it possible to find the date it was registered there is also a "gentleman sitting on the pillion seat who is unknown can the registered owner be traced

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    Every thing in the picture is a clue  nothing to small to be considered .Age of the unknown man as well . Perhaps there were school picture books (Year Books we call them ) and even a name could be determined from that . You have a exciting adventure ahead of you with this and I hope your efforts bring you great joy as you discover things . A woman with a motorcycle in those days certainly did not go unnoticed . I would love to hear how this turns out  and what you discover .   Good luck   Bill

    I did a goggle search with this question :Registered owner RM 4577 came up with Connecticut 1914 and inter net archives  if this sounds right then do the same . Explore more .

    My guess is yes. Find where the old Dmv records are and begin there . Check with someone who knows period clothing and try and date the clothes in the picture ,gives another starting place .This should be fun . Good Luck   Bill

    Honest John

    Thanks Bill
    Will have a look. My g.g.gran lived in Blindcrake nr. Cockermouth Cumbria England so dont think Conecticut is a goer 1914 is a possible she would have been 60ish then I see what I can find

    Start with the type and make of motorcycle you should be able to narrow the date down to within  a  year or so with that information

    Honest John

    Sadly I'm not an expert on bikes there is a motiff on the petrol tank like a round disc about 8" dia but cant make it out.May even be a moped with peddles if they were made in the late teens early twentys it looks like a peddle but may be the kick start

    Bill thanks for your comments I'm a bit of a greenhorn with lap tops and web sights sent a comment earlier but dont know where its gone.You mention clothes etc. it's rather funny but her clothes make her look like  Benny Hill berret, mac ,glasses the lot. I said it was my g.g.gran if you read my blog this may not be true my dad was illigitimate he may have been adopted by the lady on the bike .I have lots of photos but no one still alive to tell me who's who.I very much doubt the bike belongs to her more likely the man on the pillion, the bike is just parked.I only know its "g.g.gran" because someone has put Mrs Law on the back but not the name of the gent.My dad was'nt born till 1921 ,g.g. gran was born 1860 her husband 1850 he was a bit of an itinerant farm labourer gardener so he may well of had a motor bike.

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