At what age does a car become a Classic?

    I’m thinking maybe ... just maybe ... my very own car is a Classic.  Couldn’t be. Could it?

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    To -- Itsmee, That is a cute pic of you. Love your hat :-)
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    There you go itsmee... I always thought it was 20 years but the answer has variables... I do believe in British Columbia a car is a classic if it is 20 years old and has not been modified. 


    whoa! It’s perfect. Nothing ever done. All shiny and new.

    Classic ... now see if you can get a good rate on insurance. That is the best part.

    I will need to do some research now. I will try to find out how rare it is. I will report back. This will reallly make my husband smile because he gets this really funny look on his face when I drive it off to the store. (I drive very little because of my neck problem) That car might last forever.

    i was told by an insurance agent it was 25 years, whether he was right or wrong, i don't know for sure.


    wonderer, I've heard that too, in many places.

    I'm  thinking 25 years old and  have an antique auto on your hands.

    It all depends on the raretly of the car.....

    jhharlan is right.  The Edsel, a loser then, is perceived as a loser now.  Therefore, no amount of lapsed time could make it a classic.


    Hmmmmmm. I don’t believe that’s good news, Chiangmai. Can’t win em all.

    To Chiang---There are Edsel clubs all over the U.S. Edsel owners are fond of and proud of their car. I always admired the grill.

    Are you referring to the grill of the car or Henry Ford's wife, Edsel?

    When I was a graduate student studying for my MBA, we learned that the biggest flop in the American auto industry's history up until then was the Edsel.
    ed shank

    Ford's son was named Edsel.

    I thought Edsel was his wife. I know, I know, the name starts with Ed but truly I recollect it's a woman's name. We learned this in graduate school business class.

    20, it becomes a antique at 25.


    In the U.S. that is....

    Leeroy, Then I must be more than an antique. I must be ancient . Hahahha

    That just makes you worth more Mcm!!

    I like that- I'm a unique antique!

    Makes us older people worth more...

    Describe the car. Make,model,color,odometer tell.

    I heard that it has to be 25 years or older to be a classic. It seems to me, tho, like it should be longer than that......b/c so many cars of today look like some of the late 70s the Granada. And We still have a lot of cars that look like the Taurus did  in the later 90s.

    In Australia, a car built between 1956 - 1977 is deemed a classic --- as of  2012 the car must be at least 40 years  old, and be totally original.

    25 in PA. I have a chevy pick-up that's old enough too drink. Two more years and it's an antique. My newer truck doesn't get anywhere near the mileage the old one gets, so much for the idiots in Detroit.

    In England it is 25 years and it also becomes exemt from road tax at that age.

    I appreciate your answer. I let go of that car some time ago. I thought at first it was a Classic but it wasn’t  a quality car so I’m afraid it would never make it.

    Haven’t seen you around these parts much. Come around and join the parade. : D


    pat101: I meant this answer for you.

    I'm thinking about 20 to 25 years...

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