how to replace both head gaskets on my 1999 plymouth grand voyager 3.0 engine?

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    This is for a '97 but close enough. same, same >>

    A long time ago a wise man and a master gunsmith told me " If you dont know dont GO " This might  apply  here .These machines are very complicated .I would take it to a quality garage and go home and sit in my easy chair with clean hands and clean clothes and watch the TV while waiting for the phone call that says its done .     Bill

    Put your question in Google search, Im sure you will find out there.

    Go to you tube or go to your public library and look it up

    not all people have the money to go to a garage and have it fixed and a head

    gasket is a simple fix with the proper time and tools

    if you can afford to have it fixed at a garage do it but be careful to take to a trust worthy mechanic

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